Real Faith—The Faith of an Atheist

How atheists show the greatest faith of all—but it’s not what they think

It is not about the science. Atheism is the ultimate expression of faith—letting go of the idols of gods with complete confidence in the central mystery—we are the midst of it, swimming in it and completely surrounded. We are It. How else would you know but that it is so central as our being we cannot consciously recognize it.

Atheism in the informal sense is a profoundly religious attitude. An attitude in life of total trust of letting go. When we form images of god they are all really exhibitions of our lack of faith—something to hold on to, something to grasp.

When we don’t grasp we have the attitude of faith. If you let go of all the idols of faith you will of course discover that what this unknown is precisely, the foundation of the universe, which is precisely you.

It is not the you you think you are (it is not your opinion of yourself) it is not your idea or image of yourself, it is not the chronic sense of muscular strain which we usually call “I” You can’t grasp it, of course not, why would you need to? Suppose you could, what would you do with it? You could never get at it!”.

And so there is the profound central mystery of the attitude of faith—to stop chasing it, to stop grabbing it. Because if that happens the most amazing things follow. All these ideas of the spiritual, the godly as this attitude of “must“—”And we have laid down the laws which we are all bound to follow“. This is not the only way of being religious and relating to the inefable mystery that underlies ourselves in the world—you.

If we cling to belief in God, we cannot likewise have faith, since faith is not clinging but letting go“—Alan Watts

Physics and philosophy are converging into what is, while religion, the restrictive band (the choke point) is digging another ancient foothold to maintain control through fear and deprecation—


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

28 thoughts on “Real Faith—The Faith of an Atheist”

  1. Thanks Jim. Like like like… “If we cling to belief in God, we cannot likewise have faith, since faith is not clinging but letting go“—Alan Watts
    We are fearful of the unknown, so we make up stories that it doesn’t exist. GROG

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      1. Thanks Jim. When imagined to be in this supernatural realm, the mind is flooded with magic biochemicals. Maybe vulgar and for sure said by others, it is but mental masturbation. It feels good and they can’t imagine being outside of their bubble. Hey, let’s burst that bubble of delusion. GROG


      1. Certainly. But as the word is defined, atheists very often exhibit more symptoms of faith. Letting go many times, of an entire life of beliefs for the better of themselves. Trusting in themselves, which is all there is, really.

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    1. However, I do agree with the premise of the religious being fearful, and atheists having faith, or confidence—from the Latin, “Confidere” a combination of “Con” showing great force, and “Fidere” meaning trust—(thanks to reason, logic, and the advances of science)

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  2. Re: Watts wisdom — Christians talk a lot about “letting go and letting god” yet they “cling” to the idea that one cannot be “saved” unless they do certain things and live a certain way, which, they insist is having faith in God.

    Now look at what Watts says … “faith is not clinging but letting go.” Hmmm.

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    1. The idea of god is the most idolatristic (is that a word) in history. Remember letting go Nan? The rush of reality and empowerment? Once again we see Christianity at odds and the opposite of what is true when we compare—Truth is we’ve got this life better without it.

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  3. Your conclusion is spot-on. I’ve accepted that human limitations mean we will never truly understand “all that is” while we inhabit these bodies, and maybe never. It’s okay. I don’t know if I’d specifically define it as faith, though. Just acceptance.

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    1. Sure. The letting go part is acceptance. It’s funny how not having faith shows the outcomes of real faith. Here what we see is the religions at odds with reality (again) When I was in the thick of religion I really thought I had it going, but I hadn’t seen it yet through the fog of nationalism. Being in the mix with all the hyped up promises has a blinding effect.

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    1. Isn’t that just the opposite of what religion promises? The peace they offer is an illusion. It’s finding peace of mind (adapting to accepting turmoil) instead of having actual peacefulness.


      1. I mean when you start saying atheists have the right kind of faith, your common theist will start their rant of atheism is just a religion, they also have faith and other kind of nonsense

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        1. Well what it’s saying is that no faith actually produces the desired results. Unbelief it the real “letting go” and peace. But I see your point. Atheism as a religion would be strange, but it would be good to have some community.


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