HG Wells—

How long ago, Christianity died..

Indeed Christianity passes. Passes—it has gone! It has littered the beaches of life with churches, cathedrals, shrines and crucifixes, prejudices and intolerances, like the sea urchin and starfish and empty shells and lumps of stinging jelly upon the sands here after a tide. A tidal wave out of Egypt. And it has left a multitude of little wriggling theologians and confessors and apologists hopping and burrowing in the warm nutritious sand. But in the hearts of living men, what remains of it now? Doubtful scraps of Arianism. Phrases. Sentiments. Habit

So we see HG Wells, ably predicting many future events, also ably observing the condition of Religianity™️ There are no more replacement parts. Time for a new model—


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

27 thoughts on “HG Wells—”

  1. Hello Jim. You got me thinking on what mutation will come in the future as far as the major religions are concern. Will they be totally discarded or will they just morph into something totally unrecognizable compared to the religions today? After all we know the religions we know today are not practiced as they were thousands of years ago. Hugs

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      1. yes, for a price too! anything that divides people (as religions do) is evil and anti-spiritual. spirituality is unification, finding what we have in common, with each other, with the rest of the universe. so discovering a greater sense of being

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  2. Humanism, do we really need another ‘ism’ Jim? You don’t need an ism for humanity. People just need to decide to act humanely as individuals. I think we’ve had enough of group think.

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        1. I would probably go with the diving flipper. Crafty enough to build a pyramid, I’m sure they were crafty enough to enhance their fishing experience.

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    1. Personally I particularly liked this line “ A tidal wave out of Egypt. And it has left a multitude of little wriggling theologians and confessors and apologists hopping and burrowing”

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  3. Heinrich Heine and Friedrich Nietzsche called this even earlier. Christianity basically set up its own decline centuries before, in my view.

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  4. One of the big problems for the future, as I see it, is bandwagon jumping. People hate having to think for themselves, and jump on any bandwagon that comes along. They don’t take the time to ask, “What does this mean for me?” Rather ther see others jumping on, and they jump without looking. This shows up in almost every human endeavour, not just religion. New products, new food flavours, new pop singers, all kinds of things.
    And it is those people who see how money can be made from a new bandwagon who look for things that can me made into a bandwagon.
    How do we get people to see what they like, instead on what someone else likes? We want to be part of popular groups, rather than standing on our own. And given that, any Buddha, Christ, or James Jones can come along and take advantage of us. It might not be the person themselves, but all it takes is one “Paul of Tarsus” to shout “Fire!” and everyone shouts “Run!” instead of “Where?”

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