God Has Spoken—Volumes of Silence

When and how much is enough?

The example is set—intermittent millennia’s of silence, mixed with an occasional oddball, prophetic utterance of ambiguity, god has spoken by not speaking. The last few prophets, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, and Joseph Smith, met their fate and still—the absence of gods will being done on earth as it is in heaven; or maybe this is it.

We are on our own here—and no amount of prayer or belief is going to change that. If there is a god who is a wise father, we would sleep in the beds we have made until every last human is wrung out with foul starvation and exhaustion. Extinction is after all, the final tally as the earth is “rolled together like a scroll” and the lights shut off.

If we are to survive (whether man made warming or not) when she starts to burn you better have a plan B. Where do we go, underground, underwater, or leave this rock for another?

This will be different than the ice age survival. Cave paintings from the period show hands with missing and shortened fingers suggestive of frostbite. This time it will be drawings of desertification, cracked soil, flames on already scorched earth scratched into the walls with animal rib cages, carcasses, and withered corn.

This is what the Christians pray for—thinking they’ll escape the trials through another man-made disaster (the rapture) while the heathens burn on the hell they’ve helped create with overuse and carelessness. There is no reason for an omnipotent rescue. None. His total power is never wielded for our benefit, only for his pleasure, or our demise, “if” there was such a thing as a god he’s liking what he sees. It is good…very good.

What shall we eat or drink when the flies and carcasses litter the parched earth? How will we grow food for 8 billion people on a The new Sahara’s of our world. The arctic region is having record fires. Billions of pounds of stored carbon being released from the massive peat bogs and forests on fire! Is this not a concern?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

41 thoughts on “God Has Spoken—Volumes of Silence”

  1. FYI Millennia is the plural of millennium, so for “millennia’s” in the first sentence you want either millennia or milleniums. (The normalization of plurals being just the singular form with a terminal s added is ongoing (and unregulated) so the choice is yours!)

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  2. Hello Jim. Weird that so many Christians miss the part about being good stewards of the earth? From what I have seen most of them really want death and destruction, which makes me wonder if their god is really a positive force for them? Right now humans are destroying the habitat we need to live and thrive. After we die off a new species will arise and hopefully treat the planet better. Hugs

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    1. It’s alarming what is being allowed to happen for business as well. “Unbelievably, more than 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day. That is more than 150 acres lost every minute of every day, and 78 million acres lost every year! More than 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest is already gone, and much more is severely threatened as the destruction continues.”
      Your right to make money cannot infringe upon my breathing space. Wouldn’t that be a good premise to work with?

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          1. Thanks for asking, Jim. It is slowly dissipating. Right now it only covers our town about once every three days. Firefighting officials are now saying the fire is “under control” whatever that means. In my eyes it has just gone underground, smouldering, waiting for its moment to retake the stage. Also, we are finally getting a bit of rain. Half our province is dry, the other half is flooded out.
            I have a saying right now, very tongue-in-cheek of course, “God is punishing us for voting Conservative again!” I think I’m going to get shot by some christian redneck!

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            1. Hello Jim. Not according to the NIFB who want the police to round up all gays and kill them. One guy preaching this was a cop. He got fired. They celebrated the mass shooting terrorist action at the Pulse nightclub and publicly wished that more gays had died. They are like tRump, their rhetoric is over the top, loud, and will inspire others to do harm. Hugs

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  3. Conservative Christians are cowards who want to run away. At least some of the liberal types aren’t so disgusting. In any case, humans are largely acting like a virus on this world. Breeding like idiots needs to stop.

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  4. One thing about prophesy – few Christians learned how to do it. It was told to them as witchcraft and the devil’s work. Divination is actually for Polytheists, a conversation with the Gods. Sometimes, They say yes, no, meh, or stop asking and do it yourself. So, Christian relationship with these God things is skewed. God orders their lives and doesn’t leave any deciding up to them.

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    1. Well, they assume the mainstream interpretations are right, even “The Revelation” is all ambiguous symbolism overlapping with events already and continuously happening and repeating itself (human nature is predictable) but what if they got it wrong? If I fry, they fry. Their god will do nothing to stop it.

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      1. Revelations is a dense book, with all sorts of visions. Some standard interpretations zero in on the writer writing only about his period of the Roman Empire. Others believe the writer was in a snit about the secularization or Hellenization going on in his religious groups.

        If you read this mythology from other cultures, they do discuss the end of the current world, but then they discuss the making of the next one. Several cultures say that there were several worlds – this being one of them. So this world ends, and another comes into being. Will humans be a part of it? Search me. Maybe it is our time to go, much like the Trilobites, who are the longest spanning species on the earth. At the end of their species, they specialized into simply a few forms, which could not adapt to the Permian changes.

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  5. God speaks. Everyone thinks they hear, yet no one hears the same. What they are hearing is silence, as you infer/state, but that is unacceptable. Others tell them god can be heard, so they delude themselves into hearing. What they are hearing turns out to be themselves, but if they have nothing of their own to hear, they hear the words of those who taught them to hear: hate the Other, be superior to the Other, destroy the Other, make this a world of US! (Us, not as in United States.)

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    1. So, in relatively modern times those that say god called them, also called them to manipulate and sex the vulnerable members of the society. God works in mysterious ways, and I have no objection to thinking the ancient prophets did the same. It’s the way of the type of man that would claim such things.

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        1. That’s where religion gets its foothold. You’re never good enough, and even if you are, hope is all you have that you will make the cut and live in theocracy in heaven.

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    1. Well nothing but the belief that he will somehow fix things for us. Many believers are actually praying it gets so bad that Jesus comes back—well, when he never shows, we get to live in this mess. God has nothing to do with it, but why are all the pulpits silent, they could make huge strides in a day supporting environmental issues.

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      1. Isn’t that the truth. The liberal and moderate ones are just as bad as the fundies because they say and do nothing. Their silence speaks volumes indeed.

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        1. Impressive! The first article I found said it is caused by alien ray-guns from space. I’ll go with the melting permafrost. They are collecting 200,000 years of climate data and carcasses from these openings. Massive!

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