The Art Of Theism

The-ism /‘THē,izem/—the belief in the existence of a god or gods, especially the belief in one god as creator of the universe that has personal relation to his creations

Theism abuses ideas to promote their own source of validation by degrading all of humanity—breaking them to the lowest level of creature vs lifting them up.

Theism is the ultimate display of pride in self doubt—only through faith can you be whole, which is pure rubbish.

Theism writes disingenuous attempts to promote the will of a deity they readily admit escapes comprehension.

Theism promotes faith so humans fail to act of their own accord—waiting for guidance when deep down they already know what to do, lacking confidence because of the same faith.

Theism persuades men to condemn other men for their genetics and lack of Jesus in their culture.

Theism demonstrates mans ability to dismiss pure reason to pacify insecurity.

Theism teaches faith in god (the ultimate idol) which is merely a substitute for our own achievement and effort—reality teaches us there’s nothing like finding contentment through doing something for yourself and achieving self worth through accomplishment.

Theism is the ability to nurture pretending, believing, and hope, into an honor, resorting to faith when you can’t reason your belief

Theism has constructed a god that requires us to wait for reward—convincing believers that true peace is after life and conjures one to waiting instead of making it so now.

Theism is to abuse faith—a temporary principle of discovery by making it the pinnacle of achievement.

Theism is the arrival at nothing; mere thought convictions without substance or positive results. How long does an idea deserve to meet its objectives?

Theism is the ability to dismiss hard evidence of historically poor outcomes by believing that it’s convictions are not the cause of the outcome (but everywhere it planted it’s flag, cruelty followed)

The strongest of faith cannot endure once we know truth, but is then often secured by pretending and group pressure. Faith however, cannot exist with the slightest amount of proof. It is imperative there is no proof. Proof would not destroy religion, but it would kill faith and it’s ill affect on the human race.

Theism is a way of challenging death…while still dying.

Theism is a way of assigning meaning to random chaos, blaming a devil for the ills in the world then punishing those that don’t believe that—for merely a different thought.

Theism attempts to use reason to explain belief by clinging to traditions molded before reading was common.

Theism embraces the thought that humans are incapable and justify misplaced devotion to imagination. Humans are actually pretty awesome. But by belief they can be persuaded to do the unthinkable.

Theism rewards mere thought conviction and words as something of substance and will punish those that don’t have them.

Theists practice the art of exaggerated importance. Honoring strong faith (which is simply stubborn pride) stemming from a challenge in reverse psychology. Who can claim belief most earnestly in the face of knowledge reaches the pinnacle of faith.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

51 thoughts on “The Art Of Theism”

    1. Ahem…amen. I suppose a huge and famous word press blog such as this, reaching out into the hundreds, fanning the globe at light speed has affected one or two people. Just not the right one…yet!


  1. The need for faith drives humans to believe anything they are told, because it is easier to be told than to think for oneself.
    I prefer to consider my own ideas, experiences, and thoughts, because I can trust nothing that was told to me by others. And those I end up trusting must demonstrate that they have considered their own ideas, experiences, and thoughts. Third hand knowledge is for me generally untrustworthy. It may not be wrong, but it is certainly not right just because someone said it is.

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    1. These are all my own creations so they work for me. Trust me…hey kid, wanna see my puppy? Oops, puppy is gone, but I have some bibles (buy-bulls) you can have

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      1. Nah, no use for them. It would take me forever to tear out all the the pages, and forest fires are an old trick. Already been used! But if they are the cloth kind, they probably can be used for faux toilet paper.
        Just a thought.

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  2. A quote from a song I heard the other day:
    “If you want to get your soul to heaven
    Trust in me now, don’t you judge or question
    You are broken now, but faith can heal you
    Just do everything I tell you to do.”

    Yep that’s most religions in a nutshell.

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      1. Yep, if you’re not broken then you can’t be saved by anything, right? While reading this post I got a thought. As humans we can’t stand the thought of something being random. Sure it’s easy if said event has little consequence to us. But when it’s something significant or nasty, there MUST be a reason. Why? why must there always be a reason for everything? I guess as humans we like to look for patterns in things, I don’t know.

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          1. There’s been so many interpretations and explanations for those I don’t think that are any left in the superstition box. I’ll have another look. Maybe something stuck in the glue on the bottom lid fold.

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            1. I had a 8.3% chance of getting it right. Had I done so you’d think hey, that’s interesting. I guess you won’t be my bitch after all, so I’ll keep guessing.

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        1. If you can find a pattern, you can devise some means to exploit and control “it”. Earthians are exploiter-predators and control freaks. That is why they create their gods in that same image.

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      1. Funny you mention that. This was a quote from a song called Opiate, which is very anti-religion. I guess the underlying message of the song is to compare religion to people raping and abusing each other, and control – hence why I put it here. But that it sounds very similar to real Christian music is very unsettling indeed.

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  3. Here’s another one to add –

    Theism is fear. Fear of hell and eternal punishment for violating arbitrary laws, fear of death, fear of god, fear of your own body, fear of new ideas, fear of strangers and others who do not share your beliefs lest they contaminate your faith and lead you astray, fear of change, fear of independence.

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  4. “reality teaches us there’s nothing like finding contentment through doing something for yourself and achieving self worth through accomplishment.”

    That’s so true and it’s sad that people will give the credit for their own accomplishments to their imaginary “friend”. How many times have I heard someone claim that god or Jesus saved their life from … drugs…sex…alcohol, you name it. Take credit for overcoming your addictions, people. It’s hard work. It goes the other way, too. People credit their musical or painting abilities to god. Ugh.

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  5. Tell someone they have a problem, get them to believe it and then offer a “solution.” It’s a brilliant sales tactic that has always worked. That’s why we have so many tv commercials offering products we didn’t know we needed but now desperately desire. That type of salesmanship is okay if you’re trying to sell a car or get people to try a new burger. When you play that game with people’s “souls” and prey on their insecurities, it’s different.

    At least with tv commercials, the products offered are real. You can actually drive your new car to get that new burger. Theism has yet to deliver anything but empty promises after convincing people they are guilty of atrocities for merely being born. After enough times passes, people grow tired of religion writing checks that bounce if you actually try to cash them. Religion is hoping that people just hold on to them. If they keep writing and handing out more, they can convince people that they’re rich. “Just wait until your next life to cash them in please. The stuff you want to buy is not here in this fallen world. It’s on the other side.” At least that’s what they’re banking on.

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    1. Pretty much? I was reading a couple years ago north Vietnamese brainwashing techniques, and at first I thought it was an exposé on religion.


  6. I finally figured out that a man “of strong faith” were cide words that meant “this guy will believe anything.” All part of the con. Just as the mafia made up “neighborhood protection services” to extort “protection money” out of businesses. Any one trying to muscle in on the racket was met with “but Luigi/Guido/whoever is not going to like this; you had better go.”

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  7. Oh, I don’t know what or why you keep going on about silly faith, or farcical superstitions, God this and God that, fiery punishments, burnt marshmallows and that damn Eve took the last Smore from the tree of Knowledgeable Devils & Delicious Fun! I for one Faithly-Follower ride my stick-horse thru vast lands of treacherous daisies and rock-castles of lewd Frenchmen, beseeching me Lord in the Clouds to STRIKE DOWN THINE Enemas!

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  8. Theism has constructed a god that requires us to wait for reward—convincing believers that true peace is after life and conjures one to waiting instead of making it so now.

    And just so’s you don’t try to get to paradise quicker – because this life is so shitty – they decree suicide is a mortal sin which will ensure you are fast tracked to Hell!
    Clever buggers!

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    1. There is a lot of fear among the evangelicals around these parts. They got their president and all this faith, but something doesn’t feel right to them. Still living in fear because of the bogey man. I guess no matter how good trump is, we may never recover from Obama


            1. Yep. Trump said so. And Muslim and his wife is a tranny. Something to fear for sure. And Hillary runs child sex slaves out of a pizza parlor. It’s all about the clintons too, the Illuminati, CFR, skull and bones masonry. It’s all coming to a head. If we could convince them global warming was the Democrats fault they might actually consider agreeing it’s happening

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  9. Jim,
    As usual, another great post. Many thanks for this one.
    And yet, some people wonder why I keep telling anybody who asks me which church I attend that I refuse to buy into any doG. I like dogs well enough, my very first pet was a neat cocker spaniel. I still prefer cats, but I always tell these folks that in my personal opinion; organized religion is the absolute worst, most vile of all human inventions.

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