Promises Promises

The attempts to forcefully fulfill prophecy

His covenant was to be everlasting, and they should possess forever the country he should give them. Now it is plain these promises never were realized.

They have never been fulfilled concerning the great blessings with which they were to be favored. For although they won a few small victories over some poor nations whom they plundered, this did not prevent them from being conquered and reduced to servitude, their kingdom destroyed as well as their nation.

And now the remainder of this unfortunate nation is looked upon as the vilest and most contemptible of all the earth, having no country, no dominion, no superiority. Finally these promises have not been fulfilled in respect to this everlasting covenant which God want to have for filled to them because we do not see now nor have we ever seen any evidence this covenant has been fulfilled. On the contrary they have been for many centuries excluded from the possession of the small country they pretended God had promised that they should enjoy forever—Voltaire

Now it is propped up by the United States. Like all of Christianity is propped and joined with governments, for it cannot stand on its own merits. The one foreign domain ignorant enough to believe the imposters who feigned to be prophets and who, in order to more easily deceive the ignorant and simple minded, boasted of acting and speaking by the Spirit of God. The saddest part about believing in a god as the head of your nation—living conceited while vastly overestimating your greatness. Boasting the power of a god who requires the wealth and missile systems of another country to enforce its scripture.

The ritual heritage that we are so fond of it in detail descends from animal sacrifice, colored clothing, blood, livers, bird crops, and kidneys. Animal skins, dung, smoke, foreskins and certain measures of oil with wine—the whole being offered and infected by dirty ceremonies as filthy and contemptible as the most extravagant performances of magic.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

12 thoughts on “Promises Promises”

  1. The unholy alliance between religious and secular elites is self-evident and completely understandable. Each views the other as a tool to their own ends. But do realize that the covenant so often bragged about (both with the Hebrews and the Christians) includes them ruling over the entire world. They not only get dominion over Israel, but of all of the other nations as well. Christians criticize Islam for having the stated goal of ruling the world, yet it is the end game of their own covenant with their god as well. We need to point this out, otherwise the context for the actions these people take is lost and people think that they are just trying to create “Heaven on Earth.” No, the end goal is a world-wide theocracy of Yahweh. Total totalitarianism.

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    1. An inexact metaphor: What’s good for the gander is not good for the goose, or any of the goslings. Judaism gave birth (unwillingly) to christianity, which fathered all the other Abrahamian religions, including Islam. Only christianity has the right to have dominion over all the world. But like any good son, Islam must take over from its father, but christianity is refusing to budge.
      The jews have already stepped to the side, for the most part–they are used to being downtrodden. Christians cannot see the writing on the wall, the father always gives way to the son, or dies trying. Muslims, too, will gain supremacy only to have to give way to something else. This is the story of generational history. Nothing can last forever, not even a god.

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    1. Simply men believing the Bible, many parts the Jews themselves don’t believe, has put western man to meddling in the affairs. Men made modern Israel and have forced a failed prophecy into constant turmoil and expense of the USA to billions per year. All because they say god said.

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  2. It is interesting isn’t it…how Christians ultimately want to rule the earth and call it God’s rule. Of course, if they can’t bring it off then Jesus will shoot on down with a bunch of armed angels and slaughter the whole bunch of us non-believers…just like in the Bible! Kill everybody! Well, except for those really cute virgins, keep them around! And maybe a few cows and chickens and stuff.

    Does anybody else have a problem with this picture? 🙂

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    1. I’ve seen theocracy. Imagine how theocratic dictatorship would be? And just hope god doesn’t tire of the whole “eternal worship thing”. He may just close the whole project down (after killing us off) and go back to being alone.

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          1. And yet, i just saw today, the city of Edmonton and surroundings only had 19 days above 25 Celsius so far in 2019 since May 1. This is far below the statistical average. I am not saying global warming isn’t real, I know it is. But nature has some funny ways of showing it. Cooling off some areas means others areas are more than 1.7 degrees higher than average. Can we say heat waves?

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