De-Colonizing Your Mind

Recapturing authenticity—before the Abrahamic enslavement.

“Belief is something you turn to when you don’t know your authentic self”

What better way to control people than to make them sorry for being human? Make them believe they are simply fallen—nothing but welfare dependents expected to be grateful for even the most miserable of lives. Atheists can be just as deprecating as the religious. Human viruses, soulless, dispiritual evolutions of nothing more than a dumb, random accident of the primordial ooze. These are not my people.

Consumers, blindly selling their life and time away for gadgets and fleeting entertainment, the next more outrageous and wasteful than the last, trading life for accumulation, ignoring nature (or manipulating it) without restraint or care, but to eek out a few short years in physical comfort by self enslavement while ignoring vast potentials of depth, character, and connection—these are not my people.

Contentedness need only be approached by finding who you are in relation to this very moment of experience. Not a reminiscent wish or future imagination for the finding, but right now. Settling for cleverly worded ideology with unlimited empty promises has proven it will never run its coarse—grinding humanity to a near-dead stop for millennia. We’ve had enough, or maybe not…

Finding unity, the connection to consciousness is not achieved through belief, but by looking back past the colonizers so seeded with religious ego they destroyed the usefulness of practical knowledge and practice—truth once utility to life before Christianity planted its flags and Islam rooted its heels by force.

Spiritual unity—the knowledge of coexistence with the earth, its plants and creatures, the oneness of life before fear, even today is seen in the actions and minds of the child. Eventually we get to them, and such fearing is handed down because we’ve lost touch with the order of things, and death, the natural cycle of life after life interrupted by mere pauses.

The measurement of our civil advancement is now calculated by longevity. We’ve found a way to miserate ourselves longer and longer, traded for intellectual and spiritual starvation“.

The colonizers, unhappy alone in their own misery and quest for endless greed destroyed countless expressions of being, traded for derogation of everything good and substituted reality with platitudes.

Where we really are is somewhere in the mix of experience measured by time for the moment. Meanwhile “Our authenticity, guarded in distractions and dogmas of fear, is the natural man prior to persuasion, forced down roads of complexity, hiding the subtleness and beauty of the original you”


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

26 thoughts on “De-Colonizing Your Mind”

  1. It is difficult to not agree with Christians that they are debased, depraved, a fallen people. This is what they teach. But when I talk to Real Christians™ they all insist that that is not them. They are the Faux Christians and the idolaters and Islamists and Buddhists, and Jainists and all of those scum … not them. They are saved! Apparently they are being sold a belief in delusion.

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    1. Apparently I’d like to see some faith based advances in humanity. I know that is a tall order when the pinnacle of arrival is so mediocre, but really really cool—Like a Trumpism

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    1. You can read from the journals that the natives were quite well, but to their detriment they weren’t Christian. “It appeared they had no god or form of worship… they would make fine slaves”—Bartolo de las Casas.

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    2. That is precisely the problem. They are mental ill. We can see it and they won’t admit to it. We should let them know that we think they are delusional and then, educate the young. It is a sad state of our education system when people still convert to Mormonism when there is not a shred of evidence supporting their story. And, for the true believers they couldn’t live without that delusion of an hereafter. GROG

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    1. Now we spend most of our lives insulated from nature as well. From top to bottom and day and night, we read about it then dismiss things like climate change and pollution from the security of roofed walls.

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        1. The entire plan is destined to destroy us measly humans. Beliefs and overcoming its limitations and overreach is the real test facing humanity. Our existence may very well depend on unbelief in all things. Belief is the curse on humanity

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  2. Words of heavy lifting here, Jim. In times of stress and disaster, I really do wish I could ask and the problem would be solved.
    What? ’tis my doing, you say? Oh me, of little faith, you say? I deserve this, you say? I only need to believe in HE and his mysterious ways, and all will be fine?

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  3. wow, so inspiring! there is much truth here. it is perhaps a sign of our overall materialistic times, the emptier we feel inside, the more we need from outside. How did Einstein say it? “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created it”.

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    1. Thank you. It’s a process to whittle it all down to the root of our problems. One issue with us today is we barely know who we are anymore. Only the submissive genes survived 1000 years of abrahamic conversions by force.

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  4. I love how you describe spiritual unity. I talk about this on a blog post on my website. When we are connected with our spirit, which operates from our heart and love, we automatically unite ourselves with everything. It’s like impossible for us to perceive division when we operate from our spirit. But when we operate from ego and religion, automatic division! We perceive we are separate because someone worships on this day or calls this name. I wish everyone understood this concept.

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    1. Since religion has become business, the test is now not to believe and submit as they have us believe, that is done most automatically, deceived from birth to death—we are all under the rule of the collective minds that go nowhere as a people but round—forever postulating and dissipating our spent energies back into the cosmos. The test is to not only not believe it, but also to transcend its limitations—it’s influence, and become a contributor. The first step is unbelief. There is an entirely positive way of seeing the world and humanity, but we first have to earn our independence because we earn and deserve it, not because it’s been handed to us.

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  5. Off topic…but the only way I could get this to you. I know you and some of your followers like information, especially scientific.
    This is a very long from Wikipedia but so very fascinating…basically the future of everything..can be read in pieces.
    I just thought of you and thought you might enjoy the breath of the timelines involved and truly how small and insignificant humanity and our little galaxy is.
    Religion is so can’t touch any of this. It is very small minded thinking..

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