Note On My Old God

When did belief become a virtue?

If the ultimate, monotheistic plural god of Abraham doesn’t exist, would that mean none of the others do either?

As a believer I was so used to discrediting the other gods for so long (way to easy) I never bothered to look into them. I suppose I don’t know enough about them to believe in them, but do I know enough about them to not? Can you not believe in something you’ve never invested?

For now I’ve just let it all go. No chasing belief or fine tuning incredible imaginations to disguise my final destination. It’s really out of my hands. The Christians already control the cosmos with their prayers anyway, so what am I going to do?

Belief is meant as a temporary waypoint to prove a premise, not a destination in itself”

How did belief become a virtue (rhetorical question) anyway? It is a worthless position of pride faith clinging to someone else’s hopeful imaginations with an argument. It’s all quite ridiculous, really.

“We will never progress as a society until we overcome belief mode and transcend the neurological trappings of faith”.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

32 thoughts on “Note On My Old God”

    1. I think if you have to argue god into existence you can easily argue him out. If there were a god it would be obvious and there’d be no need for believing.

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      1. My sentiments exactly. There is nothing so obvious but that there is no god anywhere, no sperior intelligence or superbeing who is capable of saving life on this planet from itself. If there were, it/she/he would not be hiding in the shadows, saying “I will give them one more chance, to save themselves, just one more, before I step in.” We humans have already passed the point of no return, and we can only hope that whatever intelligents beings are out there are waiting for us to go before they pop up and show their capabilities. Intelligence requires that we commit species suicide in order to save anyone else.
        We are not worthy!

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            1. But upon entering the void we see, that life is not just you or we, and finding that the truth be told, this whole situation is very old. We come and go and then again, the earth will people up my friend, to observe its happenings unfold, that we are cast of a larger mold. One giant living thing beyond our feeble grasp, life will rise adapted to, each each and every futures past.


  1. Indeed. With the holier than thou attitude and the demonizing of all other beliefs (includes non-belief, which is the worst) and people along with it, even logic offers no refuge.
    I watched the documentary, The Unbelievers, yesterday. The plot’s a little slow, but the character development is interesting. 🙂

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    1. Haha. WP is pretty good, but when they’re not they mean it. Not sure why it won’t activate on that post. Working fine now, but I still can’t change the other one. It says it’s on, but it ain’t there. And thanks for nothing. Your advice was time consuming and unproductive. Kinda like reading your blog.

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      1. Ha ha. You know when boys say mean things about the girls they like… that how I choose to interpret your comments.

        But gosh darn… that hit me right in the feelings. (admittedly they’re not connected to anything… but if they were…)

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  2. Belief drops off a cliff with economic and societal stability/security. Mess things up, and belief races back in to help people get through the chaos and uncertainty. If you profit from belief, then there’s a motive to have things (or the perception of things, at least) messed up.

    (BTW, what happened to comments on your last post. There was no comments section)

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    1. Interesting. Does belief help fix the chaos, just help you as a pacifier? Comfort in the holding pattern I suppose. And I don’t know what happened to my comments on that last post. All the settings were good, just a Wp Glitch. I even reloaded twice, reinstalled the app and my iOS, nothing would put that damn button on. You may comment here if you like.

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        1. And things…the troubles of life have a way of ironing themselves out. The good churchman will capitalize on those swings of life to get permanent believers. It’s that important

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            1. We have one, too: Boris. A giant king shepherd, abandoned, and between the special diet, medications and weekly baths (with crazy-expensive shampoo) the most expensive dog in the world 🙂

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            2. Must be nice for him to go from the streets to the kings court. If we’re a shelter pet I’d get on the list for the Roman style bath house and some Cubanos 🚬

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  3. One problem with 2000 years of Monotheism and the effort to destroy Polytheism that went with it is people who are cut loose from the divine. If you are taught that all Gods except one are fiction, then of course believing that all of them are fiction follows. Theology has become relegated only to Monotheistic faiths, while the theology of Polytheistic faiths are taught as “stories.” They are “myths” where as the stories in the Bible are the real deal in explaining the Monotheistic Gods. Small wonder, people don’t believe in any Gods. The odds are stacked in that direction.

    As a Polytheist, Polytheistic thinking is different from Monotheistic thinking. Think in terms of time – monotheistic idea encourage the time’s arrow pointing upward. Polytheistic has multiple time occurring at one time. It is difficult to live in a Monotheistic society since everything is uniform. Plurality of thought is discouraged. You can’t have multiple creation stories, you can only have one.

    Sometimes, the Divine sneaks up on you and wallops you in the head. Sometimes it bides its time. Remember that there are the Ancestors, the Dead, and Nature Spirits as well as Gods. That was taken away as Monotheism took hold. The Dead ceased to be real and agents of the family. They became specters of ghost stories. The Dead has agency, that the Church has tried to stamp out.

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    1. I like this comment. Monotheism is exclusive in thought and that has become the seedbed of intolerance. Whereas we were used to mingling with multiplicity, now that is considered blasphemy punishable by death

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  4. How did belief become a virtue (rhetorical question) anyway?

    Oh, this is an easy one! If you say something often enough, it begins to sound true. Just as parents train their children in morality (repetition, repetition, repetition), church leaders tell followers what is good and what is not. (This a sin, this is not. This is what god wants. etc.)

    Just what is a “man of strong faith”? This is considered a compliment amongst many believers. But it basically equates to: will believe almost anything we tell him and will resist anyone arguing against that.

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    1. When you really break it down faith is the pinnacle of pride. The churches give kudos for something they’ve condemned simply by calling faith a virtue and pride a sin, but they are virtually the same thing. And strong faith is but stubborn pride in a thought.


  5. My memory isn’t of use anymore, so you may have told me already, but do you mind saying why you stopped believing and what was the particular cult that had you in its clutches? (Esme’s was Catholicism)

    -Esme sending joy Jim’s way from upon the Cloud

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  6. I was having a conversation with my uncle the other day and he pointed out (re: politics), that the parable we were taught about the boy who cried wolf is wrong. In reality, the more times a lie gets told, the more people believe it. Naturally, he’s a Christian and would never note the irony.

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  7. Good post with good points. It boggles my mind when people say someone is a decent or great person because they are a person of “faith”. I guess, then, according to this criteria, that the guys who flew planes into the World Trade Center were fantastic people because, surely, they had a plethora of faith in their hearts for Allah whilst doing it. Totally boggles my mind.

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    1. Thanks Jeff. I’m not sure if faith can move mountains, but I’ve seen what it can do to a skyscraper… I told the gal at work I was an atheist and her jaw dropped and she said, “wow, really? You just seemed so nice”. Religious belief is license to condemn other men for their genetics—or simple unbelief.


      1. Very true. It took me some time before I was comfortable with saying out loud, even to myself, that I was an atheist. The word has all these “dirty” and “evil” connotations connected to it thanks to religious people pounding such nonsensical thoughts into our heads all our lives. I am completely comfortable with it now because I know it simply means I do not believe in gods and magical woo woo hocus-pocus gibberish. Truly amazing how deep religious indoctrination goes.

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