Then vs Now

Celebrating thanksgiving while others mourn

Before the wave of monotheism butchered its way to dominance, what exactly did we give up, to get this?

This from the USDA:

In cultures around the world, men and women served as tribal healers, shamans, medicine men or women, had a deep understanding of the use of these plants singularly and/or in combination. These “herbalists” served as spiritual guides and dream interpreters and led many sacred ceremonies where the use of psychoactive plants played an integral role in burial rituals, rites of passage, healing rituals, vision quests and purification rituals.

Using psychoactive plants, (and many others) shamans had the power to enter trances, combat evil spirits and disease, and communicate with ancestors. Within the plant-induced visions and trances, the shaman was able to comprehend the spirit world and the real world and maintain balance between the two. Prayers were offered to the spirits to whom these holy plants belonged. Indeed, for some, the plant itself was god or provided a way to god.

If nothing else it was interesting, unlike the monotheistic wait. More HERE

The pastors and priests of today will say a kind prayer into outer-space, quote you a couple of scriptures you already know, rekindle some hope, and collect offerings. They initially had to intimidate their way to the top because they had nothing but faith-induced deprecation to offer. Now the stupor of monotheistic belief is the biggest hurdle facing humanity.

I find it interesting that these core shamanistic practices were found all around the globe, yet Yahweh was nowhere to be found but in one small country, and never had anyone outside of it knew one whit about it.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

47 thoughts on “Then vs Now”

    1. I fully expect to find life on another planet with churches and the Abrahamic triune-god as their doctrine. She’s been busy elsewhere growing the fold. I hear she’s Ethiopian, at least that’s what I like to imagine…

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            1. I bet. Amazing. I need to get out more. You should host an all expense paid vacation for us to travel and see those sights.


            2. We could start a blood drive. I can get $40 a day donating plasma. The trick will be to stay hydrated for the trip


            3. Do a Go-Fund-Me account limited to men. Be sure and explain what the trip is for and about. I’m sure you’d raise sufficient funds in a VERY short time.

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  1. I like the “collect the offerings” part, Jim! I guess that’s the price of getting your “hopes rekindled!”

    Think about it, though; native Americans were here say 15-18000 years and when the Western Europeans arrived the place was in pristine condition. Enter the wise and learned people of Europe and viola! 230 years or so later, there’s not an area that hasn’t pillaged and abused with every natural resource suck out of it like marrow.

    And we’re the “smart, civilized” ones.

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    1. That’s a great observation there. 230 years later were still going after every last morsel and mineral.
      It was in pristine condition.
      And our word is our bond (until a new resource is discovered) Treaties anyone?
      On a side note, Amazon Outreach is still sending in missionaries for the gospel of Christ. No one can be left alone in there natural setting. Hope you enjoy monochrome everything…

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    2. What always angered me enormously is that the Europeans knew nothing of Native American culture and simply saw them as simple primitive people when they actually had a very sophisticated culture, trade routes running all over North and South America, and some of the largest cities in the world. The native cultures were building sophisticated irrigation systems, creating breath taking artwork, had a rich culture and sophisticated knowledge of their world, and the first thing the Europeans said when they saw them was “how can we steal everything they have an turn them into slaves?”

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      1. I read a book a while back, “1491” about population bases in the americas prior to Columbus. According to the author, Plymouth was selected because the eastern seaboard was already full. Full of settlements and crops 10 miles inward. Would have been spectacular to see, but our ancestors saw it much differently.

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        1. There was a catastrophic decline in the population of the Native American population around the time the Europeans started coming here. It’s difficult to estimate the exact numbers, but it is thought that the Native American peoples may have lost as much as 80% of their population. I read one historian who claimed that if it hadn’t been for that, the Europeans would never have gained a significant presence in North America because they would have had sufficient numbers to repel any attempts at taking their territory.


          1. The same happened with Cortez and the Aztecs. They lost the first battle. When they regrouped to go for the gold there was no one left to fight them. European disease surpassed the natives immunity. They actually lived too clean a life for too long.

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  2. It’s not fair, really. They got fun mushrooms that make you feel really weird, herbs to smoke that made you feel really good and which might actually be clinically and mentally useful, while we catholics got a tasteless cracker and a sip of bad, diluted wine in a bizarre ritual cannibalism service. Hmph… Ain’t right.

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  3. Hebrew is the ONLY perfect original culture/civilization, language, and worship method along with the one and only “real” Almighty God toward eternal bliss.

    Yes, yes… these facts haven’t come to light so clearly the last 200,000 years, especially the last 2,000 years, but it will ALL be shown, known, and understood by ALL living (and dead?) human beings very soon! It just might take a long while for it all to become crystal-clear when the entire Cosmos, from edge to edge over millions and billions of light-years across and thousands-to-millions of other different living (and dead?) species on other planets in other galaxies… to know that it all started with and will finish with…

    HEBREW’s Yahweh! 🤣🤣🤣

    Let us all say: Ahhhhhhhh-men. (does all the hand motions for all world religions as if he is doing sign-language for the hearing impaired)

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    1. If there was a god, why didn’t he appear earlier, and with a book of remedies vs drip fed advances that coincide with our advances? Why would he hold out on his creatures?

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      1. OUTSTANDING questions Jim! 😉

        But I’m afraid I am not the person to ask and expect answers… from a Hebrew point-of-view that is… well, and post 29-33 CE too I’m afraid. LOL 😛

        Well, I take that back. I DO have answers; PLENTY!!! 😄😁


    1. I would think the term “Altered States” was a comment about our current country. I saw the trailer. 1980. Due for a cinematic upgrade I noticed

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  4. Both systems are based upon faith. Having done work with Shamans in the past, there core principle is to work within the belief system of the afflicted party. Historically, monotheism rose to the top. But under its weight, the polytheistic Gods, those Daemons (psychopomps) continued to enact there mischievous ways and became symptomatic in scientifically driven medical diagnoses.

    One system is not greater than another. This thought process is even being tested at the subatomic level of quantum physics. The research coming out of CERN would probably be of interest if you wish to follow this line of reasoning.

    If a patient lacks belief in the medication and or intervention it will not work and/or even death can occur. We may disagree on the context of faith, but I do see a bridge in our thought processes when it comes to belief. By the way, a wonderful author that has bridged the gap of shamanism, spiritual foundation of Eastern philosophy, medicine, spirituality, and was actually a trained psychoanalyst was Ram Das.

    Thank you for stirring my analytical passion this morning. Great article!!!

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    1. Always nice to see you. I will check out this Ram Das, then hold you personally accountable for anything I learn that makes the strict atheist roll there eyes.

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      1. He’s a great read… or should I say reads! Two other wonderful authors, one a Mayan Shaman Martin Prechtell and the best selling author of the Mythopoetic Men’s Movement, Robert Bly, came to mind when I read your article. Both focus on non-Christian myths that drive inner development through the feelings and beliefs we hold.

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    1. We had three different denominations pray directly over my dying friend. One he commanded in the name of Jesus a complete recovery. We brought his ashes home yesterday. Prayer hands on FB are just as effective.

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