Using Evil, On Evil, for Good

What good are your friends if you can’t use them—or even better, your enemies?

Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents … Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil.”—Eric Hoffer, 

Evangelicals and Trump have found their evil and now dutifully root out the heathen and unbeliever to maintain power—one thinking they’re using the other to their ends, all to suit causes which are based on deception. Christianity and Politics—to the end!


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

17 thoughts on “Using Evil, On Evil, for Good”

    1. Ready to fire all the guns at once and, explode into space… But I’m sure they’d settle for a good Aussie style fire to claim Jesus is coming.

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  1. I might be misremembering this but wasn’t Hoffer blinded at age seven… and then got his sight back when he was a teenager? I tried to read True believer… I didn’t get very far.

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    1. He was partially blinded from some type of accident then he later recovered. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but is your memory recovering? I don’t ever remember you being right on anything?

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          1. I will check the edge carefully. It would be very like you to give me a dull blade with which to saw at my wrists, messing up my suicide as afinal act of indignity.

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            1. Easy now on indignity. It’s a gift that can keep giving.
              I was all a call one day and the lady had cut herself on the arms, thighs, and shins down to the bone in places. A couple days later we ran on her again. She was sitting on the curb yanking her stitches out with her fingers under the cut flesh, peeling back the skin so you could see the muscle. So see, you have some room to work here…


  2. Reminded me of this I read this morning: “I drink to the health of your enemies’ enemies.” My new favorite toast. 🙂
    I read Hoffer in college, but can’t recall for what class/subject. I kept The True Believe around for many years, until it walked off one day. It’s prolly on line by now.
    Hoffer fell at the age of seven. That left him partially blind until he was 15, when his eyesight returned. The philosopher-longshoreman was a very interesting personality.

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    1. I’ll drink to that. I remember the longshoreman part about him. Have a copy of his book on my night stand. Whenever I can get a paper book, I choose that over the iPad. Love your new quote. Perfectamundo

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      1. I too like the tactile feel of, at least paperback, books. I just finished Mark Twain’s ‘Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven’ on Kindle. The original is 110 to 170 years out of date. Not a disappointing “book”, just a disappointing experience. It’s not even novella-sized, probably 120/130 ‘real’ pages, and all its information was given in the online description. 🙂

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