The Art of Atheism

As natural as atheism. The clarity of unbelief

Atheism is not a belief, but its side-effects are an art form of independent thought, skillfully navigating through life with immunity from all religious dogmas. The art of atheism rejects religion based on its outcomes and insufficient evidence. It rejects the Jehovah Affect© and the self important aggrandizement of its zealotic “explainers”. It is simply self empowerment over our own mental and physical intuitions and abandoning the tried and failed—which was not bought in wisdom, but in opportunistic haste.

We have been stationary cycling with these ideologies long enough. And while world is ready to embrace inevitable change rather than more of the same “ancient wisdom”, monotheism digs in its heels to maintain parental control.

I am not Atheism, but Atheist. I chart my own path with purposeful impunity. Atheism is simply a million ways of clarity from the delusions of religious beliefs in gods—

How long shall we accept faith and it’s limitations by obedience to archaic laws from a violent time? Transcending belief mode is our greatest hope.

A true religion would be a rite of passage, not a permanent need.

Atheism rejects what belief has done to human anatomy, physiology, cognition, and the regressive nature of living in the past. No longer by faith am I a dis-intuitive, calcified victim of self deprecation told what “we” believe, and I refuse to accept the physiological changes that occurred through compliance to this belief, as permanent.

As we rekindle these lost arts connecting intuitions with existence, it has to be without any help from them. How long shall we chase this dead-end without a single solitary fact? Just believe…believe the hardwiring of faith and repetition can be severed.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

39 thoughts on “The Art of Atheism”

  1. You are right, Jim, atheism is not a belief. But the English language, by it’s structures and history, force us to say, “I do not believe in gods or superior beings.”, which makes it sound like a belief. Better atheists should say, straight out, “There is no god, etc.” This does not sound like a belief, it is a statement. Yet most atheists say they do not believe in god, and there lies the trap.
    Think back to earlier times, when people took gods for granted. The Greeks did not say I believe there are gods on Mt. Olympus, they knew there were gods on Mt. Olympus, even though they had no facts. Thus, when people climbed the mountain, and found there were no gods there, those gods disappeared. But the Judeo-Christian god took up residence where it could not be found, in the heavens, so it could not be disproved. Or so they thought.
    Modern man has used super telescopes to look at the heavens, and so far they have not seen god. Not just that god, but no god of any kind! Yet people believe. The sales job is that good. Despite there being not one provable fact that any god exists, and despite the fact many previous gods have been proved to not exist, they still believe.
    The language prevents them from seeing the facts, and that language gives rise to atheism as a belief.
    Atheism is not a belief! There is no god, period!

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    1. Semantics most definitely enter the picture. Perhaps atheists should look into a better way of putting things? If they feel uncomfortable using the word “believe” (as in not believing), perhaps they could say something like … “I have not seen or felt any evidence of a god in my lifetime. Thus, for me the conclusion is simple: there is no god.”

      The longer “explanation” is because your suggestion — “there is no god, period” — immediately causes the believer to jump on the words and ask … “how do you know?” And we all know where that leads. 😉

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      1. That “,period!” was a joke, ending my thought with three punctuation marks: comma . exclamation mark or ,.!
        They can question all they want, there is no god… But each to their own. There is no one correct way to say it.

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        1. I was referring to the earlier part of your comment when you wrote that saying “I don’t believe” sounds like a belief. Since it’s such a common way for atheists to put it, I was simply suggesting a way to avoid the word “believe.”

          Hope we’re on the same page now. 🙂

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    2. I have heard that Mt. Olympus example before. It is not accurate. The Olympus in Thessaly was one of many “mounts of the gods” found throughout the Greek cultural sphere. There were at least a dozen mountains called “Olympus” by the Greeks in different locations, typically the highest mountain around. Mt. Lykaion in Arcadia, Mt. Ida in the Troad, Mt. Parnassus in Boeotia, Mt. Ida in Crete, are other examples of mountains of the gods. There are votive offerings and altars still left on many of these mountains. People were worshiping on them, so they knew what was up there a long time ago. Going back to the bronze age or even the Neolithic, long before what most people think of as ancient Greece(late classical Attica).

      I bring this up because there is a fundamental difference between what the ancients thought about religion(and what those in “pagan” cultures think) and what all these modern branches of 2nd Temple Judaism think about it. When the Christians point out some location, they think that something from there stories must have literally happened there. They go out of their way to prove this, because they feel that the truth of their religion depends on it. Everything is about “history” with them. Jesus had to literally be buried in Jerusalem. Yahweh had to literally appear on that Mt. Sinai, right there and at a certain time, or they feel that the story of the Torah is false. This is very different from the way that the Greeks thought. Olympus was more of a type, and the type was applied to the highest location around because it was considered closest to the sky. Or a in the case of sacred caves, because it is closer to the underworld of the dead. It is not like this way of thinking is gone, because you can see it all over the place even today, if you know where to look.

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      1. I’m sorry. All I was doing was using Mt. Olympus as a metaphor for all god lineages. They were usually based on mountains, or other natural areas. It wasn’t a repeat of anyone else’s idea of Olympus, it was just the first home of gods that I thought of. I have been told.
        But it doesn’t change my basic premise, there is no evidence of any god anywhere. But, as you point out, there is a lot of evidence of humans worshipping unseen gods. Thanks for the info.

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    1. I don’t believe in a spinning ball. Not sure what your point is.
      Possibly a simple demonstration of oil and water can illustrate to you the reactions, attractions, and repellents of the elements that have been doing their things long before Yahweh and believers started extending the goalposts for all the info your god forgot to mention?

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      1. The point being Jim- NO MAN ALIVE has seen a spinning globe aka earth- yet u gobble that up like a religion having ZERO proof- yet scripture and reason gives you EVERY evidence- seems rather odd and backwards.


        1. I’ve flown on the Concorde and seen the curvature of the earth at 60.000 feet. Sorry buddy. I’ve flown with the sunset and lengthened my day 4 hours with the sun on the horizon. The earth is round. Pretty cool. Don’t be silly.


          1. Really him? Hmm.

            I’ve seen ballon images from 128,000 ft with ZERO curve.

            On the other hand I’ve seen ‘curvature’ while a water skier was doing his thing at the ocean.

            Fool the eye doncha know. The earth does not move under your feet’ per Carol King.


            1. One rotation per day. You ever see a Foucault pendulum keep time? It’s swings straight and the rotation of the earth keeps the time. There is even one at the South Pole. Don’t be too quick to judge with your convex monocle.


            2. Your thinking too small. The problem is your carpenters plumb line needs to be in a spinable pivot and you must wait patiently. I know your just pulling my chain (or plumb line) because I’ve seen it work myself just fine. You need to get out more. Do some tests yourself rather than reading the quacks.


            3. Sorry Jim- your post here interests me because I’m happy to point out the glaring contradiction and entirely untenable position of your system of thought, ie, your religion which u so tenaciously cling to.

              Having all the evidence you need as found in scripture, re the origin of life and mans beginning and history- you reject all of it-

              While at the same time holding with tight hands to an alleged spinning and orbiting ball of water – having ZERO proof.

              Surely u can see your own dilemma.


            4. I’m sure god just angled the moon, sun, and all the other planets to look flat all the time. Your right. How silly. . .


            5. Ha! You go ahead and accuse the mighty K-2 of the most egregious offense of moving!

              I dare say it has never moved one inch/ other than to protest against trespassers with the occasional avalanche.


            6. It too bad all those sherpas hauled 100s of train cars full of cephalopods to the heights on my Everest, just to prove the Bible is a rag.


            7. Maybe u should talk to a Sherpa. Ask him if he is aware the mountains are spinning @ 1,067 mph- while orbiting at 67,000 mph- as if trekking up the mighty Mtn’s are not difficult enough!!!

              Btw, why would u judge/ compare the earth against other wandering stars?

              Do u judge a still bowling alley wood floor by the moving balls over it?


            8. Nice try. 1067 mph? That would put the 25000 mile globe to spinning one time per day. Nice work. That’s what it actually does. You’re learning.


            9. Yep. It is nice work. And only on paper does it work, because in the world of reality there is NO test model that can hold up under water.

              In the world of true science, logic, and common sense/ water is level and a compass could not work on a moving ball.

              Btw, do you know of ONE person who can walk upside down on a basketball like an ant?

              Think real hard now of the ramifications of your answer. Men are not insects- and nature does not lie.


            10. Your under-thinking all of this. If the basketball were the size of the earth I’m certain the same laws of gravity and surface tension would still apply. Have you ever seen the experiment where they spin the ball/sponge, and the water flies off? It doesn’t do that if you spin the ball one revolution over 24 hours. You change the experiments to suit your needs. It doesn’t make you right or smart.


            11. Yes him- am well of that- and of course I am exaggerating to make your argument even more ridiculous.

              Have YOU bothered to examine YOUR own earth/curvature chart- which presents the NECESSARY 8” per mile squared of alleged needed to make the ball model work?

              Simply, at one mile, the earth would drop 8”-

              I challenge you to do the math- the numbers increase exponentially-

              Now then- take the state of FLORIDA- Examine the sciences of the flattest state- and I dare you- or any PhD- try to explain it away- impossible for the state of Fl to exist in reality/ or on a ball-

              Even the gators would mock such ignorance.


            12. Special Pleading; an argument in which the speaker deliberately ignores aspects that are unfavorable to their point of view.
You have gone to great lengths to prove your faith without ever proving your faith. Dismissing the parts you don’t like adds to your foolishness.

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        2. Funny, the astronauts who went to the moon? Saw the spinning globe of the earth. People on the Space Station? Has to stay in syncronotic orbit with our spinning globe. You are like the idiot Christians who still say the earth is flat lmfao.

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        3. the sheer fact that you’re a flat earther naturally makes your points invalid- this isn’t a matter of debate, or opinion. it’s yes or no, 1 or 0, not a spectrum, but rather binary.

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          1. I swear people reading ar sense and incapable of reason.

            Let’s focus on the word ‘stationary.’ Now then:

            Have YOU personally or firsthand EVER witnessed the earth moving/spinning/ orbiting/gyrating/ one inch???

            Paper theories or opinions do not count. Case closed, and may the mouths of fools forever be silenced.

            And btw/ the earth is NOT a planet, but a STATIONARY plane, just as it appears.


            1. “a stationary plane”- please-
              I’m all for questioning authority and seeing things for myself, I truly am. Going against the general herd mentality in pursuit of truth is something that I find admirable, but only if it is truth you are seeking. What do you mean paper theories do not count? Science is our best bet at understanding this weird and wonderful world we live in, and you say it is invalid? Your need to ignore and call invalid all the sources that prove your point moot is not helping your argument any, although I suspect you were aware. AND YES I HAVE SEEN THE EARTH MOVE, LITERALLY LOOK AT THE CLOUDS OR THE ATMOSPHERE- if the world were truly flat as you say, then explain the changes in night and day. I’d love to understand the reason you THINK the way you do.

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    2. Oh CS … you crack me up!

      Let’s rework your comment just a bit … “u believe in a ‘spinning ball’ ‘guy in the sky’ without one drop of evidence. ”

      WHO is “all mixed up”?? 😄

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      1. Oh I don’t know nan- it doesn’t take much of the spectacular to impress. Like blue skies and billions of tons of water just waiting to be dropped- by way of rain.

        If nature is not the greatest evangelist for the testimony of scripture- perhaps some people’s hearts are harder than concrete?

        Just sayin.


  2. I’m going to share this for the readers: Thanks for the opportunity in this blog. I may also post this on my own, for the purposes of consideration and adding to the discussion.
    One thing: I miss (in a sense) the talks of Socrates, Washington, Nate Shiransky, and others (including authors of many classics). They lived during times of difficulties, and in those difficulties, sought understanding, for in their circumstances, understanding was very much needed. In regards to Washington and His contemporaries, who utilized great thinkers of the past, like Montesque, the very future of this country depended upon their diligence. These days, I hear a few who have spent their years seriously considering issues and cause and effect. They have pondered upon the state of man-kind and the reasons society is as it is. And in this, some have brought in understanding from the past.
    For myself, I have read about history from time to time, more so these days, and what I see happening in the world I’ve realized is nothing new. In fact, to some degree, it seems like the same things happening over and over, just the actors and actresses have changed. Like one person in the bible explained, there is nothing new under the sun. One can understand the present by reading about the past. One can see the same things and same reasonings occurring over and over, perhaps in some situations, more is being brought forth.
    Fortunately, since I’m wondering, I seek out others who are also seeking. Over time, I meet more people that are truly pondering. But often, I don’t see the quality of consideration from so many in the past. In some sense, what we see are a bunch of “school children” in adult form arguing and debating without any real resolve to understand. They see things, but they don’t see. I used to get a little exhausted by the superficiality of all so many talks. I wanted to have real conversations. But one sibling thought I was being too “deep.” In other words, we have to learn superficiality and common talk (which I do as well) if we’re going to have more friends and more opportunities in life. In other words, we have to put the light out in our eyes so more people will like us. People don’t want depth. Many just want to have their lives and the reasons to support them.
    What people who don’t believe in God share is the same (The same arguments over and over again.). I know they are thinking they are realizing things that are new and enlightening. But every time I read what an atheist is sharing, I can see right through it. In fact, some atheists have come to realize that the very arguments they use to disprove actually prove God created everything. C.S. Lewis was one such person. He went from growing up in the church, to becoming an atheist, to becoming a Christian (Kicking and screaming as he would put it.). He was truly searching. He became an atheist due to reasoning, but since he was truly reasoning, he started seeing the flaws, then continued understanding brought him back.
    For another moment, I’ll bring in C.S. Lewis. He shared that the very arguments that people use proves. I agree. You see, we have understanding. Where did the understanding come from? We have awareness, both of self and the world around. Where did awareness come from? Our life is from God. It’s His life, awareness, and understanding in us that we live. The very fact that we understand the concept of truth, goodness, honesty, and fairness indicates. In other words, we are using the very understanding we’re given, from Him, to ponder and question. In other words, we’re using His understanding to question.
    Why is there so much problems in the world? Why is there so much wrong in the world? Why is my sister not fair when we argue? We have the concept of problems. We have the understanding of right and wrong. We have the understanding of fairness. For if we didn’t, we never would have anything to complain about. We wouldn’t see a need for changes.
    But, someone says, if God is good, why is there so much evil and bad in the world? Well, where did the understanding of wrong come from? So, why is it there? Perhaps we just don’t understand, yet. But could it be, as the bible explains, that when we were created, we were created with some freedom? A free will in a sense? We can listen to the understanding we were born with, or not. Three people on an island, lost in an accident. They could agree, work together, discuss and choose the best choices for survival, or not. Perhaps listening to pride. Two siblings could work and play together, or not. And on that island, if the three don’t work together, there is a stronger likelihood that bad things will happen.
    A young person once asked me that she would like to see world peace. I asked, do you get along with your siblings? Do the families in your neighborhood all get along with each other? If we can’t get along with our siblings, get along with our neighbors, perhaps due to pride or anger, how can there be world peace? It’s the choices we make that causes the sufferings in the world.
    God is good. He is everything. He is understanding. He is life. He is awareness. But as Adam and Eve did in the garden, given a choice, what do we choose? To seek Him Who is our understanding or cut the branch we’re sitting on? If we’re truly looking for understanding, why not seek Him Who is the source of our understanding?
    Again, this is for the readers. I’ll only respond if an attempt to “make fun” or use rhetoric or sarcasm is used. This is for real discussion. If the attempt to berate or denigrate is used, I will speak to that and demonstrate the errors in thinking.

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  3. I have been reminded of Tim Tebow, whose mother was encouraged to have an abortion, but chose to give birth. He became an amazing quarterback for the Gators, going onto the NFL. In his playoff game against the Steelers, the same number that he wore during Gator games came up in ways that truly opened people’s hearts, one man converting right away. John 3-16, he wore during Gator games. In the playoff game, winning, he threw for 316 yards, had a 31.6 yards completion rate. Time of possession was 31.6 minutes. The ratings viewership was 31.6. This opened the hearts of many people. **It gave me time to look at my own past and see the miracles, including my own and my sibling’s birth. If you look in your own lives, honestly, you will see miracles no scientist can explain. Sometimes, just when I need something, and pray, it happens. Looking back, it’s happened time and again. God bless.

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    1. That’s a fair amount of coincidence. I can’t imagine god taking time out for a football game to control the exact movements of 96 football players, when during the same 3 hr time period 1,875 children under age 5 died of starvation. But god needed more than that? To stroke his ego? This is the best evidence for the biblical god, that a royal flush in stats measured in yards. Is it also a metric miracle? Thank you.


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