Two New Elements Discovered

At the core of religion we find it relates to science after all. After peeling back the layers we find…nothing. No substance, no proof, no matter, no bliss, but “under intense geographic pressure to believe”. Delusionite©, discovered years ago in the ancient Near East, now has been added to the periodic table. “We have conclusive evidence of its existence by the invisible features that affect all other matters through exhaustive explaining

Having elements of stagnation, it appears mobile and spreads in viral epidemiology. Unfortunately it bonds easily with Pretendium©, which has no mass or atomic weight and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, causing hopeless waiting.

Belief is merely a guru challenge—a psychological barrier placed before humanity. Until we can transcend it’s limitations, we are not collectively responsible enough to handle the truth, so we occupy our time in endless debate over who has the best imagination.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

46 thoughts on “Two New Elements Discovered”

  1. Hello Jim. 😀😁😂🤣😃👍👍 Grand. When I read the title I was worried this was going to be a science post to strain my brain. This was much better. Hugs

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    1. Good to have a reason to smile, ‘‘tis why I went the extra mile, to pen out a writ, and laugh at this shit, en típico ir’ligious style.
      Thanks Z

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    1. That is incredible! Tennyson, Wordsworth, Yeats, maybe a dash of Longfellow—it’s all there combined into one, fabulous, descriptive prose, the likes I’ve never seen before and probably will never see again…we can only hope. Hahaha.

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    1. Divinity school sounds so… wtf? Worthy of a new element, Absurdium. Mixed with Wordium it makes a great polish for nobs of all types. I bet I could do a religiously themed science paper , and with the right hypothesis get it published.

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      1. How Joseph of Arimathea was really Mary Magdalene wearing a false beard and she and Jesus’s mum took his body to the real tomb is in the back garden of John’s house near Ephesus.

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            1. It takes a second to load off my cloud. But here’s the comment on “Genesis Apologetics” video series.
              So fascinating! I totally believe in the ‘world-wide flood’, and the information found in the excellent depiction here is also substantiated in a most amazing documentary series, ‘Is Genesis History?’ 😊 I highly recommend the series as well as watching this, whether you believe in the Biblical world-wide flood, or not. You won’t regret it.. It’s mind-boggling!”

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    1. True. Protecting belief is like, like, protecting a personal pimp, who’s actually everyone’s pimp. The biggest problem with BS is the vowel obstruction.

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        1. I do think that last paragraph is accurate though. The appeal to faith has humanity at a standstill. A neat little barrier to keep humanity in voluntary servitude.

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