The ability to connect the dots diminishes proportionately to the level of religious faith.

If scientists find a way to fight pathogens made by God, thank god, however sacrilegious and faithless it is to interfere with gods plan.

If one casts a hurricane into another (apparently less righteous) neighborhood in the name of Jesus, thank god.

A man fell 40 stories while washing windows in New York City and survived by landing on his best friend, who also fell and was killed. God saved his life, therefore, god is great. It’s a miracle. The man said, “I know god now has a purpose for me”. After 20 or so surgeries, god healed him and now he is back to work.

A friend of mine has a horse that came down with a rare form of colic that is often fatal. After a week at the vet the horse is now home, but all along the way they requested Facebook prayers and documented every miracle during the healing process, which just happened to coincide with the veterinary care and medicine he received. But the miracle is now documented to give glory to Jesus—all the while in Mexico, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Poland and China… a million horses were farm raised to slaughter. WTF? Apparently god loves the one and really doesn’t give a rats ass about the ninety nine.

In people terms, god has his only begotten, his one son worthy of all his devotion. The rest are merely adopted and will never be worthy of all his love. He merely tolerates us and allows us breath. The only reason he doesn’t kill us all now is tolerance, not love. But, according to prophecy that will change too.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

27 thoughts on “Credit—Yahweh!”

  1. A good and honest appraisal of the situation. There are very good reasons god does not do away with the “unbelievers” at this time – the first being that as a psychopathic being he is enjoying all the trouble, sickness, famine and death by disease, war and genocides his religions heavily invest in and contribute to; the second is that he needs a whole mob of unbelievers to burn in hell so he has ready-made eternal entertainment for his loving followers gawking and cheering from heaven. (If one gives credibility to the stories that is.) Halleluiah! God is merciful!

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      1. Coin flip! Odds or miracles? Now we see in Rock Paper Scissors the skill to win those odds can be mastered by reading the opponent.


  2. Hey, Jim. It’s all about ANTICIPATION!
    Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow. If you do it today you have nothing to look forward to. Where is the fun in that?
    You could wipe out a million people with one bomb, but there is no satisfaction in that. Tease a sinner his or her whole life, bringing them to the brink of salvation, then turning them away. He is masterful at his great plan.
    Someday, though, he will tire of his plan, though not for a while yet. By then he will have billions more sinners to send to hell. Imagine the smile that will fill his face. Yes, definitely anticipation…

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    1. He will tire of his plan, amazingly at the same rate Christians tire of it. Then it will die unnoticed, or unmentioned from the embarrassment.


    1. But of course. He must stay busy. Must stay busy. Imagine the chain of events planned in all the finest detail from before the world was. There must be a lot of levers to pull up there in the heavens.

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      1. Straight. A Doris Day car park would take months of careful tweaking, gently affecting the lives of hundreds so that in that minute, on that day, the Rubik’s Cube (so to speak) falls into place.

        Bless the great capital H He!

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  3. And, of course, one has to wonder why a deity that would create a species of sentient beings specifically to worship it would play hide and seek with those beings, already having made extreme rewards and punishments part of the game. What kind of motivation would such an entity have? Whatever it is it doesn’t comport with the description of this “god.”

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    1. Maybe he was just looking for fulfillment? It’s a human trait in some people they want a family to love, and then abandon to run feral or force them into religion.

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  4. Here we go again, ruining a perfectly fine fantasy with objective reasoning.

    Logic FTW. (for the acronym challenged FTW is “for the win”)

    I often wonder at the ability of the religiously afflicted, to be able to connect two dots with a straight line. Given a pencil and a ruler…

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    1. Worrying about what everyone else is doing or allowed to do also shows they have no confidence or faith that their god is in control of anything. Their claim to freewill is actually to carefully guard information lest little jimmy learn their god plays an insignificant role in most of the world. Not being allowed to examine all the evidence is the way, the truth, and the life.


  5. Pure psychology. We gain evidence for that which we look for and fail to see what doesn’t support our ideas.

    People pray and don’t get the benefits at a rate which makes sense. What’s the definition of crazy? Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I conclude that the theists around us are quite mad.

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  6. A year or so ago I attended a panel discussion about prayer. One former minister claimed that the efficacy of prayer is directly related to the amount of the faith the person has. Another minister offered as evidence that he knew of a guy (one) who’s cancer went into remission with no treatment. That was it. All other proof was basically, ‘we think it works.’ The atheist on the panel offered the research results that seemed to indicate prayer is not only ineffective, but if a sick person knows he or she is being prayed for, the effectiveness drops more. Of the 100+ people in the room, most still believed the two preachers. Of course. That’s how it works. Lots of faith in that room that day. 🙂

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    1. My “faith” is full on placed at the MASSIVE feet of Sasquatch/Bigfoot!!! Though they have been around everywhere for many many centuries, unseen by most, supposedly “seen” by fewer, that is more than enough for blind-faith, bowing on bended knee, and giving praise that Yahwehi & Yahwoohoo have sent our Saviors for our depraved states!!! $$Amen$$ 😈🐒

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  7. The possibility of there being a creator seems to me more probable than our present continuum arising from the infinite cosmos like a jewel from a magic cloud. Still, if there is a Master Creator, then what terror that presents, considering our reality. What in hell is “he” doing? The opposite prospect is equally terrifying. Oblivion maybe, maybe not, depending what this consciousness of mine does after my body dies. (some say it dies with my body but how do they know?) The best that a theistic religion can offer is a pathway to investigate the existence and nature of a supreme deity. It is worth it to me to step beyond the pat answers of either theists or atheists who seem to be more interested in arguing with each other than finding what is true, than pushing off from the eddy to continue down (or up) stream. (ref. “Life at the Launch” by Jim)

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    1. Nicely said. I’m more apt to discover that there was never nothing, than a god/creator, and if never nothing there was never a beginning of things or even life, that life has been in motion for ever and ever. That god himself could not preclude consciousness that make this all a continual happening.
      For theology to actually embrace discovery, belief has to go bye bye, for belief guides this type of discovery into circuitism that has really gone nowhere for a long long time.

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