Decisions Decisions—

Idiocy exponentially elevates the law of unintended consequences

Is it any wonder that on 3/16 that gods so-loved elected leader has somehow ruined the economy and simultaneously retained the backing of his voters? God is that good.

The decisions being made by our elected leaders are far more devastating than the corona virus.

Now, the way I see it, we will prolong the pandemic into the months ahead instead of letting it run its course.

Its only just begun…


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

50 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions—”

    1. Yes. Evidently trump played right into the democrats hands by using a last ditch economy saving technique way too soon. Now that he’s jumped the shark, what’s next? Who’s ripe for a battle in the Middle East?.

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  1. (in his best impersonation as a Good Ole Party member red-neck)…

    DAYUM that A-raab-born Obama Democrat!!! Everything is HIS FAULT! All our current problems are because of the previous Administration, INCLUDING this spread of bad Corona beers!

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  2. Hello Jim. Did you notice today he claimed the “right”, meaning in tRump speak the authority, to fire the fed chairman and replace him? After months of badgering the fed to do what he wanted and getting everything he demanded of them, he now is claiming he can replace the fed at his choosing. I guess the laws regarding the Fed being outside politics and having ten year terms mean nothing to the Dear Leader. After all his admiration means more than pesky things like laws. Also his own bank accounts and net worth. Plus he got a heck of a break today as the SCOTUS has halted proceedings for a while due to Covid-19. Hugs

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  3. I’m thinking that since humans are not willing to change society to save the world, and climax disasters are not enough to make people work together, Mother Nature has taken it upon herself to drastically reduce the human population to a level where non-caring lifeforms will disappear, or they will learn to care.
    Again, it’s what we deserve.

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    1. I don’t see it as what we deserve, however I agree that Mother Nature has always taken things in hand and reduced the population as needed. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

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      1. If we don’t treat the earth right, AND WE DO NOT, we deserve what we get. At least in my way of thinking. Between Covid-19, and climate changes and melting polar icecaps, this will be the hugest blow humanity has ever taken. It very well may be the last for us, and I won’t be sorry to see us go.

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      1. If you do nothing to stop others from destroying the world, you are responsible “in absentia”! I try to do something, but I always fail. Until I find something that works, I feel my responsibility, and I accept it.
        What you do is up to you!


        1. that is ridiculous. You are blaming people who can do nothing and never did anything wrong in the first place. This attitude is rather like the one given to the character of God in the bible.


          1. Yup, that’s me. And I have exactly as much power as the biblical god does–ABSOLUTELY NONE. Enjoy your cozy life in your cozy cabin. Everything rolls off your back. Reminds me of someone called Trump, he isn’t responsible for anything either.


    1. Love this remark! Let Pence lead the way along with Jerry Falwell Jr and Franklin Graham. And let’s not forget Paula White!

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    1. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. The irony will be in the blame. I was at the store Friday and there was no otc medicine left. An old guy stood there and started complaining to me that this is what happens with too many Democrats in the house and senate. Then he went on about Obama’s school lunch programs and how they ruined the education… his wife kept tapping and pulling his arm and making sympathy gestures at me. But this is all the Democrats fault. This virus.
      But the way it’s being handled is more devastating than the illness. I do have some positivity to share Jo. Since I have no work, I get to go to WSU today and get my daughter who has no college, then be at home with the kids and grandkids. My missus works alone in an office and continues to work. Too bad it’s not boating season yet. Summer would be much better for a pandemic. We still have snow

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      1. I think the take away from this is that quite a fair percentage of the human race is completely and utterly insane. I mean functional insanity in so far as they can dress themselves and consume… but zero reason or logic.

        Yeah, too bad you still have snow. And its the rubbish end of season snow where you are so over the whole experience and you just want sunshine and warmth again.

        Sorry. That does all kinda suck.

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      2. I’m definitely ready for Spring. Love snow and enjoy some of the wintersport, but have a harder time getting into the shoulder seasons. If my husband and I ever get away some year to a tropical climate, I would definitely want to go in March, not in the middle of winter.

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  4. Scapegoating and nihilism are looking good these days, and all I can do is wash my hands and stay far away from others. The disaster is world wide. Was anyone prepared? Even the like button wouldn’t work for me. Oh, groan.


  5. I’m finally reaching a point of “it is what it is” for me. I’m so weary of hearing about the virus 24/7 and trump and all his spewing lies and patting himself on the back for NOTHING BUT CHAOS.
    And all his republican minions and his ignorant braindead cult.

    I somewhat get Rawgod’s point. While many of us do not deserve what we get, maybe in a way we are guilty for not insisting, marching, protesting over the years for better education, fairer distribution of wealth and a more sharpful eye on the separation of church and state and much more. People get wrapped up in their own bubbles and it’s easy to do this, for all of us.

    The failures in this country have been building long before trump…probably starting with Reagan.

    I have watched two great streaming movies lately. One, “The Family” on Netflix that shows the harm and danger of the religious right in politics and “The Brainwashing of my Dad” on Amazon Prime about the utter devastation of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh on people and our country. The fascinating part of this show is how both these things get mostly older white men angry angry and they keep listening and watching because when they do get angry so often, it begins to produce endorphins in the brain which are feel good things and it literally becomes addictive.

    I recommend both of these shows…

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  6. I submit that the “Medal of Freedom” was rendered meaningless when JFK awarded it to Ellswsorth Bunker (a war hawk) in 1963 and beyond meaningless when Gerald Ford awarded it to Henry Kissinger (a war criminal) in 1977.

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