Fixing the Problem

How green energy production bolsters climate change, spawns creative, new ways to destroy the earth.

Hunters of great big bears simultaneously support saving the bears. Why? So they can kill more bears—perpetual cash flow.

SWEEPSTAKES: Take advantage of this chance to win a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula for some of the world’s largest brown bears with renown outfitter Link’s Wild Safaris (here’s the human arrogance part) while supporting SCI Foundation’s wildlife conservation and outdoor education programs (saving nature by killing it) For more information click HERE

Live simply, consume less, and yes, there are too many people. I know nothing is going to change—humans simply have no herd immunity to the gadgets and consumption. Gluttonry is now global—it’s the new norm. Who can resist it?

If you believe progress can save us, watch Michael Moore’s “planet of humans”


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

42 thoughts on “Fixing the Problem”

  1. I hate Michael Moore sooooooo much. I mean… his message is probably okay… I liked Bowling for Columbine…

    I don’t mind hunting (for meat). Even though I am not a hunter. I don’t really understand shooting apex predators from 1000ft with a rifle though.

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    1. The message is green energy creates much more toxic waste and mining than just using gas. It puts toxic bandaids on bigger problems and and the lifespan of these fixes is very short and impossible to dispose


      1. I plan going off grid this year. Well… its been kicked down the road with the whole COVID thing… but as soon as I’m allowed to have contractors on my property again… well… actually first I’m building myself a home office (to get away from the wife and screaming kids) THEN its solar time.

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            1. Yeah, my friend who lives up the road from me, put solar on his house with… I’m not sure how many deep cell batteries… in any event, runs his whole home off solar now. We get like… 340 days of sunshine a year here… plus… I’m on gas for the hob… and I already have a solar water heater. So I think it should be ok.


            2. Nice. But what about this? Solar panels create 300 times more toxic waste per unit of energy than do nuclear power plants. … Since this process requires burning off plastic, the resulting smoke contains toxic fumes that are carcinogenic and teratogenic. This is the problem. We think we are outsmarting something and always make it worse. Heaven forbid if everyone really went solar

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            3. If I had access to cheap nuclear power… I totally wouldn’t switch. But South Africa only has one nuclear power station… a tiny bit of hydro… everything else is coal fired… which is basically the worst of the worst.

              So, I don’t feel that guilty.


            4. this sounded very suspicious. so i looked into it. author appears to be into climate-change denial:

              Jack Dini is author of Challenging Environmental Mythology. he has also written for American Council on Science and Health, Environment & Climate News, and Hawaii Reporter.

              – these types of analyses are complex and prone to abuses.
              – for example even if he’s right about the amount of waste (which i doubt) he fails to mention that unlike solar panel waste (which btw is recyclable), nuclear reactor waste is radioactive and must be stored and monitored for literally thousands of years.
              – i’m sure he ignores other factors.
              – other logical flaw that is endemic to these sorts of analyses is that yes there will be environmental impacts to every form of power generation. no system is entirely ‘clean’.

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      2. There was a San Diego university professor a few years ago who had a blog demonstrating how the “green energy revolution” simply could not work. There are not enough rare earths, Lithium, etc. out there.

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    2. You don’t mind hunting for meat, when the big grocery stores are full of it, already killed and butchered?, There is no reason for individuals to hunt for meat, or even fish, or eat bugs. Leave that to nature. A gun or fishing rod or even bow and arrow are not natural. The only reason for killing wildlife is to feel like a man, to feel like a provider. That is called macho. Except, macho is in the mind. Hiding behind a weapon is cowardly.

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      1. I’m often of the mind that everyone should kill their own food. And the fact that we’ve lost that relationship with our food is part of the problem. Easy to go pick up a nice plastic steak, free of blood and guts. I think if you had to kill that animal yourself and butcher it, a lot of people would think differently about their meat and how it came to be on their plate.

        As for Michael Moore… he was a massive fan of Hugo Chavez… well… let just say I am not.

        I mean there are a lot of little other little things about him that irritate me. I really liked Bowling for Columbine though. I think it just went downhill from there.

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        1. A agree with this in principle, but the modem version of this where I live in Panama, they are not kind to the kill. Animal abuse is accepted in these areas and I saw some stunning, gruesome behavior. Callous.


        2. There was a time we had to kill our own food, yes. We have lost touch with that. But when men with rifles killed millions upon millions of buffalo and left the meat rotting on the ground, some of us came of age.
          Do you really feel sorry for the animals you kill to eat?

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          1. Trust me, I feel conflicted just about living and existing. I don’t think any human comes onto this planet and leaves having done more good than bad to the planet.

            Having said that, I condone massive cruelty (through my purchases) in the meat business, poultry business, dairy business. It all one massive death and cruelty machine. I think the hunter is likely more ethical… at least he’s going into it with both eyes open.

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            1. Actually, hate to tell you, but all vegetables and fruits also feel pain, though fruits and some vegetables (asparagus) generally do not cause death when they are picked.
              Life lives on life, we will probably never change that.


  2. This is a comment from another blog I follow and I thought the commentor makes an interesting point.

    ““The Department of Interior just approved plans for a 690-megawatt solar project in Nevada— the largest ever in the US.”
    This isn’t something to crow about, IMO. Does the author realize how much wildlife will be displaced and ‘euthanized’ to build this monstrosity? I wish we’d not use the same template for alternative energy (I refuse to call it green) that we use for the fossil fuel industry – profit #1, make up a need to create jobs for an ever-increasing population (bulldozing and digging holes), and zero thought to the environment really.
    We subsidize (more so under the previous administration) alternative energy and there was a proposal to have a <b<thirty-year exemption from regulations and bird deaths not required to be accounted for for this type of energy to give them a ‘fighting chance’ against fossil fuels I guess is the reason. I’m not sure where it stands now. But the wildlife and trees bulldozed never get a fighting chance."

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        1. I saw a grizzly up in the Teanaway and it was the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. Never thought about killing it. Am I missing something, Like machismo?

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  3. I think progress is key to fixing the issues in society but we also need to be far more active in taking care of the environment. We need both


    1. Oppenheimer said “it’s perfectly clear the world is going to hell, and the only way we can stop it from happening is not to try and prevent it”.

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      1. That’s an interesting view point. I don’t think I fully grasp his perspective. I understand the statement but I also know how complex he is.

        Oo this one has me thinking

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  4. It’s funny. Many years ago I wandered into a meeting of Ducks Unlimited, the group that tells us they are maintaining wetlands for migratory birds. That sounds like good people, right. The only thing I heard was maintaining the wetlands so the hunters knew where ducks, geese, and others, would land to rest. The hunters could then pick them off at their leisure, not even having to “hunt” to slaughter them. That opened my mind to what groups like DU really are there for, murdering other living beings. That makes me sick!

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  5. Gluttony gone global. Love the alliteration.
    Like I’m not already depressed enough?
    On the good side, it looks like I’ll only need to fill up the car two or three times a year.
    And all this clean air…WTF?

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    1. Man will be his own undoing. The more we try to guide or interfere with nature the unintended consequences are too innumerable, unpredictable, and fluid. If we survive it will most likely be pure luck.
      Humans can’t help but try to help rescue cats from trees.


  6. rawgod: It depends on which “system” produces the meat, but I read an analysis that compared an omnivorous diet in Australia, which the author said was largely based on pasture raised beef, to a vegan diet and argued the net effect was more positive. I am also extremely suspicious of this engineered, tweaked, manipulated fake meat being produced at who knows what cost (but plenty of profit for venture capitalists). I am betting we will find the same story with margarine versus butter.

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