To Awake or Keep Dreaming

The game is a fabulous, cosmic drama

“To be clear, waking up involves more than just knowing intellectually that everything around you is a dream. It is easy to be told something and believe it with your mind, but much more difficult to put it into practice. The point of the shamanic path is to have the experience of awakening, which involves something beyond the thinking mind or the intellectual knowledge“—Don Jose Ruiz, Toltec Shaman

The process of awakening is often referred to as unlearning. You begin by seeing how you were domesticated in the dream/trance of the planet. When you begin unraveling your domestications, you see that you were fed these ideas about yourself and you use these ideas to build a story of who you are. This is not who you really are, but simply who you identify with for the duration of the play.

You have been domesticated in wisdom—a necessary component to keep the game in play—born merely as a candidate for humanity on probation. Once you learn the rules and follow them voluntarily… welcome to the human race kid, your a real person. Person: from the Latin “Persona”—the mask the actors wear in the Greek and Roman drama” So to be a real person, is to be a genuine fake—Alan Watts. Top that with a belief in faith, and you’ve got a never ending story!

Some games are serious, some are creative. Others may be Baptist or atheist, and others Catholic, etc, all very convincing in their own zeal. Political games too—rights and wrongs, lefts and rights, it’s fascinating to see how each takes their myopic anchoring bias to the precipice of serious, until one sees the game as it is. The scientist is no different—the academic stalwart, tough minded materialist says; This. Is. It!—there’s nothing more, when you’re dead you’re dead! Bravo man, great stuff. Heroic! You’ve even convinced yourself.

Funny thing about science and religion—there are no secrets. Everything is wide out in the open except for one little item; A secret that requires some discipline and trust to keep. And when you see it, you best be careful not to admit it in the wrong circles—the ultimate cultural taboo.

Christianity handled the problem of awakening as well as it could be handled—Jesus is the only god, no more, but mystics in every culture have seen the ultimate reality that we are the cosmic whole (I and the father are one?)

So, what can we take away from this practice? It seems like as many that benefit from it, there are many others that struggle after seeing there is no meaning—that we are all god with no ultimate bosses. There is no sense in ruining the game with too much information, but the clean slate of seeing behind the scenes doesn’t have to ruin it. If anything it should unite humanity in such a way that it becomes the ultimate vacation for every single human. Reclaiming paradise lost is a religious theme throughout the world. But if everyone knew, the gig would be up (again) and the earth rolled together like a scroll (a), with the collective consciousness withdrawn from manifesting as form.

(a)All the stars in the sky will be dissolved and the heavens rolled up like a scroll; all the starry host will fall like withered leaves from the vine—Isaiah 34:4

“we exist in a conscious universe where all material things have life and awareness”—Kogi Elder

Sky fox being chased by dragons in a Viking ship



Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

45 thoughts on “To Awake or Keep Dreaming”

        1. Really the world is full of domesticated people that do not trust nature. They want to be told what to do and believe, but we know where the real answers lay


            1. The more rigid and enduring an institution, the more lifeless it becomes. How are you this fine and rainy Saturday?


            2. Rituals are okay and tolerable until it destroys your resources. They just don’t understand. I’m fine, waiting for the sun to fuck off. I could use some rain.
              The cases in America are worse than anywhere in the world. How’re you ?


            3. Ready for a vacation. The North Pacific beach is calling me. COVID is virtually non existent where I live. I don’t follow it. No idea really. Life is good.


  1. Actually, I see a Peking goose in a Venetian gondola with a ghost trying to scare it. Meanwhile, Thor threw a hatchet at the goose, but just missed her by inches. But it is still a great cloud.
    Awakening is the process of discovering you have a spirit beyond ego and mind. Awakening will be the best feeling one can ever have in this level of reality. Seeing for the first time what you were never taught to see as a child is like finally coming home. Except, home is just the first step you make with an awareness of the inconceivable.

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    1. You still can, but it would require a lobotomy, a hot iron castration and a head jack. Eating through a straw for the rest of your life while the caseworkers talk about you…

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    1. Jesus saves!—Saves you from personal responsibility through faith and grace. Saves you from enjoying any part of life without self imposed guilt.

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    1. there is never a question of everybody awakening at same time, because once you awaken, ‘the whole world awakens with you’. life, the whole world, becomes a continuous, undifferentiated flow of consciousness. so… who is there not to be awakened? no one is left ‘outside’, because consciousness now sees everything as part of yourSelf. the separateness has melted away.
      so, like waking up from a dream in the morning, and you realize it was only a dream, so there is a further ‘waking up’ from imagining ourselves to be individuals in a world, to the dawning realization that everything occurs in consciousness, both the idea of a ‘me’ and that of a ‘world’. your being-ness confirms the existence of a world, not the other way around. and i’m not referring to your physical birth, as birth (and death) itself is only an experience in that consciousness.
      your true being (Self) is pure awareness, which encompasses everything, the world, the body, the thoughts, all your experiences, absolutely everything is experienced in the light of awareness. think about it logically: can you experience anything outside your awareness? there is the key.
      everything changes but awareness is always with you, silent, spacious, luminous, totally unbiased. a space where all arises and goes back to. you are That. the space where life can happen. without you, there is nothing. with you, possibilities are infinite.
      no, it’s not enough to know the theory. no amount of learning can help you. the ‘awakened’ state is always there, you already ARE that state. but it has to be realized for transformation to occur. stay with the thought “I am That” and stop thinking of yourself as a person, that was born and will die. awareness has no beginning and no end. also, always be present in the now, awareness is always the present experience. past and future exist only in the mind, they have no reality.

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        1. yes, that is another good way of saying it. but keep in mind, the world and all the people in it, are in a way, your mind projection. my world, is my projection.
          Ramana Maharshi (one of India’s greatest) when asked how do we treat the others, says “there are no others”.
          so, awakening is really not ‘buying’ the projection anymore, the movie we take as real. then, you are out of it, so to say. a witness.
          and yet… it is all you. boundless compassion sets in, everything becomes an extension of yourself. the entire cosmos, your body. a good way to do this is to feel that your skin encompasses the whole world. this is not mental thought, when you say ‘I am’ you get a certain feeling. that takes you to pure being

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          1. the concepts i’m sharing here are not beginner’s concepts. like oneness, it’s not like you hear about it and you’ll suddenly feel oneness. it takes long practice to undo the ideas that are already ingrained in us. but. the mind takes the shape of whatever you give it, and by focusing on seeing all with same eye, it will soon start to see more into truth. and eventually, it finds it’s own way, because the teacher is already within you. also, i have a feeling your intuition already knows the blabber that i say😄

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        1. I read the excerpt. It sounds like something that would interest me, but for now I don’t want to be unduly influences in my though process. I put it in my cart though. We’ll see. Have you read it?


          1. Yes … many, many years ago (as I previously mentioned 😉). I’d like to crack it open again but after blog-reading, comment-answering, and occasionally personal posting, I just can’t seem to “find the time” to read any of the many books on my bookshelf and iPad. *sigh*

            I appreciate your reluctance to coloring your thinking. However, don’t you think a widening of your knowledge circle might also be a way of zeroing in on a more distinctive perspective of life?

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  2. I see the dragon boat but not the fox…or is that ol Jesus! Maybe the dragons are chasing Jesus. “Hey Jesus, get back in the boat, dammit. Stop walking around out there. We told you about that. Somebody get a net!”

    Loved the pic!

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    1. “Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders”—even in the clouds, apparently

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      1. You may be right. I’m looking at it from the clearheaded angle. Perhaps a bowl or two of Washington State bud will open my doors of perception.

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        1. Whatever the case, the variety of perceptions makes the world fascinating. Imagine if we all saw things the same way? Not sure if that’s a Christian utopia or scientific, pero mi gusta variedad.


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