Did I Mention—The New Project

In a race with old man winter to get the roof on.

Decided to add 1200 square feet to the cabin. Been a little too busy lately to blog much, as the addition is in addition to my regular work. Here’s my last three weekends and every evening.

I’ve done everything but the dirt work. They told me trusses would be eight weeks, so I am timber framing the roof with a vaulted pine and cedar interior. Should be pretty. The roof load arrives Tuesday.


Author: jimoeba

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41 thoughts on “Did I Mention—The New Project”

    1. Haha. Right George. You’re suggesting a slow, painful, and lonely death all full of stress and day to day survival? That’s my brothers, not my style. I’ll go with a bang!

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  1. Impressive, and neat. Glad it’s you out there and not me! Yeah, keep us posted. Think the roof’ll be on before the snow flies? Got the kids out in the bush gathering the moss to chink the cracks?

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    1. I’ll beat the snow. I only have a loft to build, 4 columns to set, four sections of ridge beam and 50/18’ roof joist sheeting and roofing 17’ in the air. I’m just happy I’m mobile enough to still do it.

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  2. Don’t mean to take away from all your hard work because I agree with others … it’s impressive! But looking at the pictures and all those trees surrounding you — and considering all the fires here and there and everywhere in our western states — well, I’ll just say, stay safe.

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    1. I’m not the only one in my family. I love the cabin, but it is overrun with 6 people. So I acquiesce. I’ll be sure and leave a crooked window header for you…

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      1. I’m popping around here and there. Sticking my head out from behind people’s window curtains and from behind couches and closet doors. 👻👽 😉 And great to see you Sir!

        Thought I could stomach the Presidential Debate tonight which started at 8pm, but Jim… after just 5-7 minutes of the very first question for both men, Joe Biden could not complete his portion of 2-mins to talk without being constantly interrupted by tRump. Even when Moderator Wallace intervened—to stop the childish schoolyard antics by tRump—the fake President blatantly ignored him and kept right on interrupting, interfering, and making it impossible to hear Biden’s retorts or arguments. This is why I have never watched any more Presidential debates since 2000 with Bush vs. Gore.

        I told one of my close friends in the BDSM Lifestyle tonight that someone needs to stuff a ball-gag in tRumps lying mouth then handcuff him to a St. Andrew’s Cross for a hard flogging if he keeps misbehaving like a… 😠

        well… I better refrain from saying the term I am thinking in my Dominate, twisted, perverted brain. 👿

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          1. I can’t say that for the sake of one’s sanity… I do not blame you Sir.

            However, it IS because of too many (Moderate) Americans being uninvolved, unengaged in our necessary civic duties and responsibilities to county, state, and federal politics… and more importantly PROTECTING this once true democratic Republic from those who’d dismantle and destroy our Constitutional democracy if the voting American public allows them to by apathy and indifference. But I’m just saying fine Sir… in general of course, not specifically to you…

            …so much. 😉 😛 hehe


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