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Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

26 thoughts on “Addition Update”

    1. Dear Jim,

      I concur with atheistsmeow. You are going to be very physically fit and have a desirable tailor-made home, thus killing two birds with one stone.

      By the way, we each have published a post on this special day of 10-10-2020 today. Come over and savour my most complicated animation that you have ever yet!

      I really need a more powerful computer to render the animation.

      Happy October!

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  1. Dear Jim,

    I must have been working too late and a little sleep-deprived, for I realized upon re-reading my earlier comment that there are some typo(s) and omitted words.

    I meant to mention earlier that speaking of the day that is 10-10-2020, one can see that, numerically, it is indeed a special date on which to publish a new and special post, which I recently succeeded in doing so with only minutes to spare at

    It was somewhat of a challenge to deal with the rather complicated animation that I have attempted to create in the said post. It is a foregone conclusion that I really need a more powerful computer to render the animation more smoothly.

    Do your chosen building materials stand up to termites well? It is a good thing that the house is sitting on a concrete base.

    Happy Sunday to you and your family!

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    1. Here in our northern latitudes termites are pretty easily managed. We have very few, but just in case the beams are kiln dried to speed the shrinking process and kill any resident bugs that may be hiding. Each beam is also visually inspected and graded which in most cases means it will last a millennia if it is covered and maintained at all. These will all be stained and sealed when the place is closed in.

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        1. There are some original walls coming out. Since the cabin is pretty small as well as the bedrooms, Iโ€™m deleting a bedroom, small bath, and moving laundry into the sunroomโ€”it wall make a nice great room/ kitchen about 30โ€™x24โ€™. . Iโ€™m saving the oversized pantry and the small master for guests, if you ever make it to Washington.

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