Need More Hours

Working alone is a lovely challenge

Busy weekend building the roof. Quite pleased but I am getting slow in my ageโ€”and things seem heavier.

Working up on planks to lift the rafters

Author: jimoeba

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28 thoughts on “Need More Hours”

  1. That is some hard work! I helped a carpenter do that one time and when a board twisted the wrong way, I dropped it and injured my wrist. Neither one of us were too happy that day. End of my life as a carpenterโ€™s assistant!

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  2. ๐Ÿ˜† Hahaha! So what you are also saying Jim is your muscles are flabbier, they quiver and shake after 3-minutes, your legs shake and your knees tremble as you carry poundage up or down the ladder to and fro for rafters/joists, causing more and more grey in your hair, beard, ears, under-arms, and loins? Is that right? ๐Ÿคญ You don’t keep loosing your dentures do ya? And surely you mustn’t keep changing your “Incontinence Briefs,” right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

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    1. It looks that way because it is that way. Haha. Thanks Mak. I am enjoying it. The only stress is winter is coming and i need a roof before the snow hits me.

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  3. I’m happy to see that someone is dong something “constructive”. What roofing material will you use? The first house I worked on…The day after we finished, a wind storm occurred, the garage door was open and the wind lifted about 1/3 of the roofing off.
    I hope you make it before the snow comes. GROG

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  4. that looks wonderful! i’m sure it wouldn’t have been nearly as neat without Asa skating on the boards first. wishing you good weather to finish, and make sure to post pics once completed with your zen-paintings hanging on the walls๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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  5. Oh yes, Jim.
    They’ll tell you that BS about it being “just a number.” Trust me, Lad; it is a number that does a number on us.
    Be careful, but do keep going. Nice job, indeed.

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      1. The old , ‘muscles on your eyelids’ scenario, right?
        Emily saw the post as she passed by and wondered how you managed to do that all on your own.
        I told her, I have no idea!

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        1. I cut a template of the rafters on the ground then leaned them up on the wall and pulled them all across the span of the building and used them to walk on. When I got to the end I had no where left to walk. They are heavy though. 18โ€™ 2×12โ€™s 14 feet up. It took all my focus. Thatโ€™s the short version anyway.

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  6. Hey Jim I happened to come back to this site to find out how your building was getting on. I was super impressed with your last – or maybe the one before that – home that I just thought I bet he is building more. And you are! I have just finished mine, and whilst I love it to bit, I cant say that I built it – only imagined how it would be and others completed the dream. Looking forward to seeing more pictures soon

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    1. Nice to see you Jackie. Your intuition was correct. Funny thing, I dug the hole and the same day got a Facebook memory that 4 years ago to the day, I dug the original foundation. For the first few weeks I was in complete sync with the original house. Itโ€™s like Groundhog Day.

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