This is How We Do It

Regardless of your emotional strain of belief

Washington(CNN) President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday that communication from the Trump administration to help with his transition has been “sincere” since the General Services Administration ascertained his election win on Monday.

“Immediately, we’ve gotten outreach from the national security shop to just across the board,” Biden told NBC News’ Lester Holt in his first interview as President-elect.”And they’re already working out my ability to get presidential daily briefs”

May we please reject the hyperbolic political rhetoric and see this, time and time again, what makes the idea of America a fantastic process. not the beliefs that encumber it.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

13 thoughts on “This is How We Do It”

  1. You are spot on Jim. I’ve gotten so adept these last 20-30 years at recognizing political rhetoric, oversimplification, and blatant diversions of smoke & mirrors, ESPECIALLY these last 4-years, by what politicians say on camera, radio, or social-media, that I rarely watch/listen to them on TV or any other media… because when it is spoken publicly it is 80% to 95% designed and intended to bend, distort, or completely change the subject at hand and make the official and their party look peachy! 🙄

    Therefore, because of this decades or centuries long art of ideal presentation (propaganda?) it is left up to each one of us to dig, dig, dig, and find the OTHER angles and ripple-effects that the politician in question is “saying” versus what is going on daily behind all the doors, buildings, and legislative meetings to wheel-n-deal BEFORE legislations or Executive Orders get passed.

    But how many Americans want to do that themselves every month, every Quarter, every 2- and 4-years? How many well-established, reputable, Constitutionally solid institutions do they utilize to HELP them fulfill the legal and civil responsibilities ALL Americans have at their disposal? Were these methods, tools, skills taught to them in middle school and high school, or better yet in under-grad courses? Do all Americans realize how much power is GIFTED to them… as an individual and as a group or E pluribus unum!!!!???

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  2. It really doesn’t matter who is POTUS, Jim, because the constitutional republic died a long time ago and all that remains now is a nation of people who pay lip service to a counterfeit version of that ideal. A pox on both their houses.

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    1. I agree, which makes me wonder and sometimes chuckle at how passionate and self fulfilling people can be on political belief. There are people here at work now planning for economic slowdown under Biden. They may very well induce it.

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      1. Team red,
        Team blue.
        Either way,
        You’re screwed.

        Or as a rapper Xzibit — whom Kamala Harris couldn’t name if her very life depended on it — once spit out:

        What’s the difference between me and you?
        About five back accounts, three ounces and two vehicles.

        ~Dr. Dre (feat. Eminem & Xzibit) “What’s the difference” 2001

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  3. “Do what we will, we are never going to be free of mortality, partiality, fallibility, and error.” ~ From Wendell Berry’s ‘The Way of Ignorance’ (Sorry if this is out of context.)

    Ignorance is not okay, but it is, and it will continue to be. Shall we not try to make a better world? Improve government? Shoot, partner, we can’t even agree on what the purpose of any of it is.

    I do not believe that giving up is a helpful option, unless one feels a deep sense of hopelessness.
    But then, why bother to comment?

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  4. The Scream, what a wonderful slant to a useless piece of trash as a human. Maybe you could do that with The Donald. I bet that picture could scare little children for genrations to come!
    Politics: the third worst invention of humanity after religion and money.

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