Forgiveness and Freewill

Forgiveness is the misguided premise that people have the capacity to make individual, independent choices. Evolution is on auto-pilot. If there were such thing as isolated agency (beyond the organizational will of the field of all existence) the result would be unmanageable, runaway chaos.

Therefore there’s nothing and no-one to blame or forgive. This is the whole of the self-regulating cosmic organism—itself doing it to itself.
Be a little patient out there and flow with it. You are not in control of anything.

The art of forgiveness is a form of self love and self interest. Letting go of the past relieves the anxiety and imagination that the past is driving the present. Such clinging is the root of anxiety. One can stop at any time, but this is what makes the game interesting.

Off to work this morning.

Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

25 thoughts on “Forgiveness and Freewill”

  1. forgiveness is self love. in forgiving another, we forgive our-self. for the whole thing is the Self. no such thing as me or mine. that’s the great illusion. but we need to hit our heads until we wake up to this. Sri Ramana said it beautifully “we don’t live in the world. we live in the Self”.
    happy new year!🎉🎇🎊

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    1. Or, for the scientifically minded, we are a result of a singularity thus, we all have a common origin and therefore, the perceived separation is a way of culture influenced by monotheism. We can trace our roots to LUCA, how is this a difficult concept regardless of the camp you reside?

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      1. yes, science is the other side of the same coin. no matter what aspect of life you look at, dig deep enough and you’ll get to the same thing. the branches of the tree look all different, but they all spring from the same root. a system of emanations, from singularity to multiplicity. and back again. how consciousness becomes conscious of itself. you observe yourself ‘outside’ and then you can say ‘yes. i know I AM’.
        Luca… husband of Lucy??🤔


          1. cool, thanks! to see the physical world, we use the 2 eyes, but to see the source of this world, we use the ‘third eye’, the energetic center between the eyebrows. we have to look inwards. because all creation occurs from inside- to outside: baby grows from embryo, birth is from womb to ‘world’, plants grow out from seeds, emotions manifest from inner to outer, etc. all occurs from inside out, what Jesus meant when he said ‘let thine eye be single’. one eye, one vision. not many

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  2. I live on the premise what’s done is done, and asking for, or giving forgiveness, is not only futile, but useless. If you didn’t want to do something, then you should not have done it in the first place.
    Forgiveness as self-love? I would agree to self-interest, not self-love. If you are seeking forgiveness, you want something else.
    We certainly part way son this topic, Jim, or are you intending some other kind of forgiveness. I see the world as chaos, and we just think we control our little bits of it.There is no control, just riding the shock waves as best we can.

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      1. Nope, even a runaway train still as to follow the tracks. There is definitely no omnipotence, but there is chaos, which over time looks like it has order, but it the now is capable of anything. A meteor comes to earth, just as a motorcyclist takes off his crash helmet. Smash! His brains are scattered across the highway. That is the definition of chaos. That is the world we live in.


        1. How would you know there is chaos unless there were also order? If there were only chaos, you’d never know it with nothing to compare it to.


          1. As I said, we try to create order around us, but no matter how hard we try, we never really succeed. Every time we think we get control, something happens to remind us we have none. It may take 50 years, but chaos happens. If you call that order, I won’t argue, but then you should be able to predict what the chaotic event will be, but I don’t think you can.
            Does it really matter in the long run? I don’t think so. It’s just scenery on the side of the superhighway. It’s gone before you realize what you are seeing. Only in retrospect can you give it meaning…

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  3. Re “Forgiveness is the misguided premise that people have the capacity to make individual, independent choices. Evolution is on auto-pilot.”

    Ah, biological evolution is on auto-pilot, but is cultural evolution likewise?

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    1. We’re like the monkeys at the typewriter —we must keep pounding the keys lest we fall back in to silliness. And—we continue to confront the natural world lest we resort back to primal behavior. And maybe the most primal thing is the inability to look beyond ourselves. We are at the point where independent thought is narrowed down to about 4 choices.


  4. I always was bugged by the idea that the Christian God had to go through the whole “John 3:16” thing and send His son (who is also Him) to be sacrificed for our sins… Like speaking of forgiveness, why not simply forgive? Why all the drama??? If mere mortals are expected to forgive without all that drama, than why can’t an omnipotent being???

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      1. HE is the author of such rules to live by and also the author of his own immunity. How handy is that? Sounds like about any typical government figure head where morality is completely arbitrary.

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        1. The real epiphany is realizing that gods and governments are fictitious entities promoted by those with a vested interest in maintaining belief that obedience to authority is a moral virtue. They know their power to rule over others evaporates the moment widespread abandonment of this belief reaches critical mass and do everything they can to keep up the charade.
          Case in point: those tyrannical lockdowns could end immediately if a sufficient number of people resolve to ignore the non-sensical government edicts and resume their pre-lockdown, pre-9/11, “business as usual” lives. What will the “governors” of these states do if everyone returns to work and disobeys their mandates? Foam at the mouth? Threaten to hold their breath until they turn blue?

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