My Apologies

Forgive my errant belief

Most people hold or have held at one point, someone else’s beliefs. That’s why the drastic change happens when one stops believing. Although I felt at the time my beliefs were correctly imagined, I was wrong. I suffered from emotional incorrectness, and I am sorry.

My apologies for not imagining god correctly. After further research I have found myself to be in error and am guilty. I was never a true Christian.

Since my errant deconversion my intolerance died. I will repent now and confess that sin. Hopefully god will restore that intolerance and judgement of other people, but I fear that may be wishful thinking. The embarrassment has now rekindled for all the things I said, taught, thought, and supported that were not correctly motivated by sincere imagination, but incorrectly abandoned at the moment of unbelieving in correct sincerity. I was just trying to convert people. I was never really their friend. If I can have the courage, I can do this again.

These are not your beliefs, nor are they the real you. Only through unbelief can the cord of group think be severed. This is wrong. Not that those things are bad, or at odds with evolution, but I am certainly now the biggest sinner on earth. I don’t love god firstly—and I never did. My god was not the god I was taught and imagined from my youth. I somehow should’ve known better. Belief is the original sin. That much is obvious now.

What will it be like now to step into heaven and come face to face with Jesus? This imagery of god as a man seems to mirror everyones concoction of the divine. But I know my needles in the haystack somewhere. I’ll just have to feel as it penetrates deep under my fingernail, or the palm of my hand.

I can once again support fake outrage and superficial piety in the name of Jesus. Thank you atheism for leading me to be born again.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

37 thoughts on “My Apologies”

  1. i forgive you, my son!✌️ we cool! now go and learn what your real nature is.
    (*spoken in biblical, Moses-like voice)


      1. funny. the circle truly is a round-about. first we dump god. then we go to find ourselves. then we realize there was never any ‘me’, and god is all actually there is

        (but not the bearded guy. nor Charlton Heston. maybe Morgan Freeman. he’s make a nice god!😅 a polictically correct one, too🤣

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        1. I think the term “god”as a deity leaves people estranged from even looking. But you Monica, have fallen for one of the most classic blunders—first, never get involved in a land war in Asia. Second, never engage in a battle of wits with a deity believing follower of interpretations

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            1. Not only that, your forgiven for all your future blunders as well. You’ll need it! 😁
              But really, if you find what you’re looking for, then what? Be like a child actor that peaked to early. There’s a reason the vanaprastha is the older version of yourself. What do you do when you’ve figured it out?

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            2. for my future blunders too?? aww, I love you Boss. you’re my favoritest!😁

              what do yo do when you realize the Self? you be in Bliss. Ananda (bliss), you might say, is the climax of existence. in that state, the whole universe benefits☺

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            3. it’s out of that state that the whole thing arises, you see? a state of absolute wholeness, completeness. without a second. in that state, there is no place for ‘doing’. like the universe, or even the sun, they do nothing yet everything exists simply because they ARE.
              so with you😊


  2. Damn, I wanted to be the first to forgive your sins, but Monica beat me to it! I shouldn’t have slept in this morning! I wonder what Christianity would have been like if our sins had to be forgiven by those who were affected by the actions? . . . probably as oppressive as ever, with people being pressured to be a good Christian and to forgive their rapists, etc. Being in the sin forgiving business is quite lucrative, I hear.

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    1. Even better you can be given third party recompense from a pedophile priest, just by confessing.
      But I forgive you for not forgiving me sooner. Does that change the meaning of the past?

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  3. At first while reading this 😲 astonishing confessional, I was saying to myself… “Self, what has happened to Jim!? An alien abduction then a Hallelujah-Jim put in his place!?” Has the world gone off its rocker!? Say it isn’t SO Nellie!!!

    And then I read your comment-replies and our world returned to normal. Well…

    You skeered me for a moment Jim! Geeezzz, BEHAVE YOURSELF!!! 😉

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