What is Heaven

Heaven exists because you still think you’re real.

Heaven is where egos end up together—the good and bad, dammed to hang on to the notion of self even after they are dead—and for whatever reason cannot escape their religion—you still think you’re real… This temporary portal into consciousness is for the game and not a separate soul at all.

The ego is what sees out and has been taught its headset has become a separate entity—it is a collection of observations and analysis stored in your packets of quanta that wants to identify as unique from the environment. Hanging on to this transcends death and remains in the form of a separate mind. The form it occupies now will remain that until we learn to let it go. Heaven is to accommodate those hung up in the programming—confused over which is real.

So accommodations evolved to treat the convincing nature of the game.

If you believe in any dogma you are dammed and led carefully through the channels of heaven, rejoicing in your rightness and again and again, trapped in the illusion of self. Some unfinished business or expectation—that certain things ought, or should be different? Perhaps your programmers were too thorough? There are many ways to avoid liberation.

Entire cultures trapped in endless cycles of birth because of belief—but the belief in a false sense of identity that distorts the quanta into a make-believe reality.

Bhagavan, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, etc, never followed anyone.

The awakened worship no one. The asleep worship the awakened—yet hardly can grasp the gist of the message.

To aim your devotion towards any being, or any blame, guilt, fault, or achievement, political, religious dogma, or any historical event shows our infancy. It reminds me of Napoleon’s heaven in “The Great Divorce”—

Walking up and down—up and down all the time— left-right, left-right—never stopping for a moment. The two chaps watched him for about a year and he never rested. And muttering to himself all the time. “It was Soult’s fault. It was Ney’s fault. It was Josephine’s fault. It was the fault of the Russians. It was the fault of the English.” Like that all the time. Never stopped for a moment. A little, fat man and he looked kind of tired. But he didn’t seem able to stop it.’—CS Lewis-The Great Divorce

The other type is the unprepared who stumble into the cosmic experience, then lead a life of self inflation, using Jesus, Muhammad, or the Buddha as a tool, yet live their own life as a god—doing whatever they want while using the lord as a means for their own social dominance. Master manipulators, Joseph Smith, Jonathan Edwards, the Imams, the preachers and priests—the narcissistic self righteous that proclaim dogmas yet live the life of self serving gratification —

We are stuck in this loop until we are not. If you want to believe in whatever suits you—you deserve it. The corporations of the church is your own doing. It is not heaven, but in fact hell. The object of the game is to crack the code and break free the ego. Not to see who can hang on to it the longest. That is where heaven comes in—to treat the PTSd. To return again to delete the programming or remain un whole forever in heaven and hell.

The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper”. ~Bertrand Russell

Whidbey Island, Washington

Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

32 thoughts on “What is Heaven”

  1. Considering that our senses are limited, it may well be that our experience of our physical world is all an illusion. Our diverse religions and philosophies, each with their own limitations and defects, offer the means by which each individual believer/follower is able to make sense of our existence and human suffering. Based on my spiritual experiences, limited as they may be, I believe that we humans will attain complete universal knowledge when our spirit/soul is freed from our physical body at death and we become one with the Cosmic Consciousness. Escapism? Who knows?

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    1. Maybe if that’s your belief, or maybe through rational means, a conclusion, that you’re right. It may very well be the case based on your stance. What would it be like to die and be stuck in that program and not know it?

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  2. I think heaven is a shared universe with God. My thoughts and imaginations and intentions exposed to him. (Think of that.) I think that relationship is the Eden we lost, and refound only in Christ via a new birth.

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    1. If it’s refound only in Christ? I would think you’d know better than that by now. Christ is actually a distraction to finding anything. Your religion consists in unfulfilled promises.

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    1. Well just like this, what you think is heaven will simply be what you think. To escape the game you have created to go into another. Nothing will change because you believe (attach to an idea)

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  3. Not sure what’s going on here, but I think what you are describing, Jim, Is a Near-Death Experience (NDE). People definitely experience what they expect to see, 99% of the time.
    But seeing heaven after death, I just can’t imagine it.
    Whatever death is, wherever it leads — if anywhere — our egos are not going there. They go down with the ship because they believe they are the captain!

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    1. It seems the opposite is true. They go down with the ship because they believe someone else is the captain and are hanging on to their anxiety.
      I guess in your context of near-death I would agree, but I would say this applies to ghosts of actual dead people. If such a thing is real that could be why it is real—the ego energy hanging on to the form which was a temporary aperture for the duration of the game. How would you get someone out of the game when they never figured out they were in one?


      1. I saw one ghost in my life. I would think I was dreaming except for two things. I was 8 years old and had lost my mother. Maybe 3 or 4 months later I woke up to a chill air, just in time to see my mother walking around in flowing robes and carrying a little candle holder with a lit candle, checking on her children to make sure they were sleeping safely. The flame flickered as she moved. In real life she had always done this, wearing a thin nightie, and carrying a flashlight.
        I had never seen a ghost before, nor have I seen one since. Despite this very real picture, I do not believe in ghosts. I cannot explain what I saw, but seeing is not believing.

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    2. Christ and Paul taught what I’d call an Ongoing-Death Experience: Jesus said, ‘If you’d follow me then deny your self and take up the cross.’ And Paul, ‘Mortify the deeds if the body.’

      This is how I develop (or don’t) the character of ‘Christ in me’ via life’s circumstances. It has also been termed, ‘destroy by neglect.’


      1. Dear sir, if you want to believe in gods and a christian religion, feel free. But talking about it as if it were real for everyone is an insult to those who do not believe at all, or who believe in other things. If you would only start your comments with “I believe” or “In my opinion” I would have no problem, but stating unknowable things as if they were facts doesn’t cut it. You might believe, not everyone does.

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          1. Sorry, but you certainly do not sound like you are giving an opinion. I cannot remember you ever sounding like you are giving an opinion, though I seldom encounter your comments..

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            1. That’s fair.. and yes we’re all unique. So my Christ-centered view is out here in Blogland for all to see, and decide for themselves. I think that’s how Jesus presented himself.


  4. I’m ok being me. Since reality is subjective, I actually like being a subject. I. Me. So many convincing proofs that this is the way it should be. Btw. How do you know what people are talking about when they use the term “Heaven”? From everything I’ve read from you and many of the comments, there is a disconnect from how you see faith and God and Jesus and what I experience. While you transpose my verbiage to mean what you understand about religion and human nature and while I agree with you in that context, I don’t think your definitions of those things relate to my experience and subsequent definitions. We are all informed by and limited by our experience, wouldn’t you agree?

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    1. You are partly correct and for you I might make an exception. “Most” I would say blindly believe by someone else’s limited experience. It is not theirs but the thoughts of another. Others thoughtfully believe after scrutinizing a limited scope of information. But to believe is to shut many doors on what is possible. There are many things that make very perfect sense that the believer cannot even comprehend—like I’m writing in a foreign language.

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    1. Sacred has a strange connotation. I would say that normal exists. Real exists. Sacred infers “holy” like the revered and feared abrahamic god. I think love is the same category. It is home. It is the familiar of reality that is a just normal function of self and the universe. This here is special. Everything else is just normal.


        1. One might understand “sacred” through a personal experience, but that does not mean it has substance. As with so many other events in life, the feeling left behind is often unique to that person and attempting to define it to others is a fruitless endeavor.

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          1. You can’t define it. It’s undefinable. And all thought/thinking is “about” energy. It’s not the actual energy; it’s just symbolic, fragmentary, residual, fabrication. To be in communion with actual energy — to really be one with it, beyond thought — is extraordinary and is not something one can share verbally with others.


  5. I appreciate the rawness and realness you have in your writing. I love how you called the church corporations the actual “hell”. I also use terminology I used from church to call the christian faith out for what it actually is: Harmful. I’m excited I found your work!

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  6. It would seem, given all the information provided by religion and science that heaven is space.

    You Stated — “The object of the game is to crack the code and break free the ego.”

    This feels like a Buddhist philosophy. I think I’m almost mature enough to understand it but I still don’t understand the nature of what my ego would be, I run low on the emotional side of things.

    Do you have a post that digs into this more?


    1. Combine eastern philosophy, quantum physics, evolution, and the DMT experience and you’ll find every dimension not recorded in the everyday senses is all right here—all the time. Getting a glimpse of that is typically a type of heightened glitch in the wiring. If you believe hard enough I think you can hang on to the idea that you are a separate entity from the whole —but that makes no sense even in Christianity —If god is Omni-everything how could that exclude your aperture? If you want to go with the Big Bang, is there any way you could be separate from that?
      Even if there is reincarnation, what exactly is being reintroduced? Data. I would suspect there is only one consciousness and, depending on the 400 or so of the inheritable personality traits, your unique mosaic of attributes largely determines your belief structures. Even your politics.
      Ego is the idea that somehow you are separate from your environment. But your skin is not a barrier to the world but what connects you to it.
      My perception of physical boundaries was no longer limited to where my skin met air,”
      Dr Jill Bolte Taylor—

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      1. You Stated — “I think you can hang on to the idea that you are a separate entity from the whole —but that makes no sense even in Christianity ”

        My Response — Christianity is focused on the idea that we are all one so I would agree “even in Christianity” is a true statement.

        It would seem, from my perspective, that reality likes having individuals and is making more of them daily.

        The goal seems to be to make as many individual beings as possible.


        1. Christianity is focused on the idea that we are all one so I would agree “even in Christianity” is a true statement”
          Not really. Each individual is responsible for his own behavior, which wouldn’t exist if you were all one. But Jesus did teach this principle, particularly in the book of St John but the disciples failed to recognize Jesus’ Buddhism.

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          1. One of the big tenets of Christianity is one body many members.

            Buddhism is similar

            But both of them have special separating thoughts about women so I would imagine they don’t fit the “all one” you are describing.

            Neil deGrasse Tyson… I think, better defines what you are leaning toward.

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