Irony of Ironies

It isn’t what you believe it is that you believe.

I find it amusing that people like Ye or Andrew Tate claim they have exposed the matrix and have awakened from reality, yet they are devout Christian and a recent convert to Islam, respectively.

These organizations are the epitope of matrices and the founders of thought control, spreading their entropic ideas while standing firmly on the foundations of them.

This is no different from “waking up” and then switching from democrat to republican, or visa versa. Which side your in matters not to them—it is that you pick a side that matters. The discord that ensues is the program.

Curious if what Ye says is true, that blacks are the real Jews? Moses and Paul, who were Israelites, were mistaken for Egyptians. Egyptians were black Africans. For some, the fact that Ancient Egyptians were Black could be new information and sound outlandish.

But our history is pleat with whitewashing history. Even Jesus was white, right?


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

20 thoughts on “Irony of Ironies”

  1. Personally I think Ye is mentally ill and over the last few years we’ve seen the poor man gradually becoming worse and worse. Unfortunately he is surrounded by sycophants who would lose their access to his money if he were to be given the care he really needs so we have to endure the fiasco that is currently going on. I saw bits of the “interview” he did with Alex Jones. A minute or two of that was all I could stand. It’s sad, really. I think everyone realizes that he has problems but the greedy bastards he’s surrounded himself with are only thinking of trying to use him to their own advantage.

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      1. That’s a good way to put it. Even Jones, who is one of the worst examples of humanity ever spawned on this planet, seemed shocked by some of the stuff Ye was saying and was trying to steer him into different topics. I only saw bits and pieces, maybe a couple of minutes at all, but apparently there were some very strange things coming out of Ye’s mouth. One article I saw said he claimed that Hitler invented the microphone and highways.

        Someone needs to remind Ye and others like him of what the Nazis did to black people in German territory before and during WWII. By the end of 1937 every ‘mixed race’ child in the Rhineland had been forcibly sterilized to prevent the “pollution” of the race. Black people were not allowed to have jobs. Black POWs were routinely worked to death as slave labor, or never made it to the POW camps in the first place because they were executed on the spot. What the Nazi’s did to the Jewish people was an unimaginable horror but we also need to remember that Jews weren’t the only people they committed atrocities against. They flat out murdered thousands of mentally ill and handicapped people, homosexuals, Roma (gypsies), Jehovah’s Witnesses, any group of people believed to be somehow “different” were targeted. They forcibly sterilized something like 400,000 people. There were six killing centers that focused on the execution of mentally and physically disabled persons. About 70,000 disabled people were eventually executed before the existence of the program became known and it was stopped in 1941. They were monsters in human form.

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    1. Yeah, celebrities and their sycophants. Brings back memories of Elvis Presley, who also got an audience with the POTUS and had some “unique” perspectives. Deja vu all over again…

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      1. Elvis was another example, Thomas, although not as bad as this case. Presley still seemed to be relatively in touch with reality. I think Howard Hughes would be another and I’m sure we could think of more. Or a more modern example would be Herschel Walker right now. The man obviously has some issues going on, so to speak but he’s surrounded by people who only care about using him to their own advantage

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  2. Mental illness is a definite possibility. Another possibility is pure unadulterated uncontrolled hatred! But then, there is not much difference there, is there. You more or less have to be insane to hate that thoroughly.
    You may not believe this, but I have never directly heard anything directly from the asses’ mouths, neither Ye or Jones. They say in order to know one’s enemies one has to know them. So I guess these men and others like them are not my enemies because I refuse to know them. So what are they to me? They are worse than enemies — they are nothing to me! Yes, they exist. Yes, they spout hatred like it was yesterday’s leftovers. And that is exactly what it is, leftovers from a bygone time, a time when hatred ruled most of the world. That time is disappearing. And the likes of Ye and Jones will disappear with it.
    Some may call this ignorance on my part, that’s okay. I cannot fight them. I cannot change them. They too shall pass…

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  3. Kanye is mentally unstable. And. Yes in the past What we call mentally Ill was understood and “blessed” or “revolutionary” and all sorts of stuff. Maybe it is, but for our time, it is not. When you have met and experienced someone like Kanye. You realize what’s happening. It’s only those who have not actually spent time with people who experience life similar to Kanye who have the luxury to speculate and intellectualize. Kanye is privileged; anyone else would feel stigmatized.
    And then there’s those who just take advantage under the guise of individualist “we are all equal” for their own power grabbing agendas. 😜

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  4. God bless Ye &’lex, merry gentlemen? What a pair for the season. This post needs a place on the mantel, Jim. A charlatan for all seasons and hold a door open for more. An outstanding description of the dynamic, Jim. I remember seeing that photo-ready shot of a Western-European Jesus every day when I was a kid. Certainly not anywhere in this house now. Thank you, kind Sir!
    And Season’s Bleatings.

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  5. Of course Jesus was white. It even says so in the good book:

    ” his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light.”

    . . . Game, Set and Match.

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