Everything is Maya

Discovering the source of the illusion.

If everything is an illusion that would include gravity and movement. Discovering the source code for a stationary projection of an illusion would be the most difficult of questions to answer.

Design a simple hologram

Somewhere along the centers of our universe there is a small device projecting a large, 4 dimensional image that we are inside of. Physicists have mathematically discovered the amplituhedron outside of space and time. What it projects should project back into our best theories—evolution and quantum field theory.

A smart phone hologram

It is a simple little hack with a smart phone.

Amplituhedron—a mathematically discovered lens projecting back into space-time

The illusion is feeling we are real, inside a simulation. What else do we have to compare to? How can one analyze what makes you you, when there is nothing outside to compare it to? Until now.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

26 thoughts on “Everything is Maya”

  1. So, Jim, is this projector natural, or manufactured? Either way, how does it project around or through objects? Through the spaces between the sub-atomic particles?
    Somenw I think the theorists are not considering everything.

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      1. Well, in this line of thinking, if it is natural how could one actually analyze it unless they were unnatural, or apart from it? You are using your brain to analyze something you see, that you are inside of yet you also are made of.
        Between the subatomic particles”. A particle is defined as “an excitation of a field”. How do you go around or through spaces of that?
        There is enough energy in a cubic meter of space to boil all the oceans, yet we exist right in the middle of it. What does that make us? What properties would allow us to be “real” in the midst of that?
        “Real”, in this case, “indicates that objects have defined attributes independent of observation”, which apparently they do not.


        1. I’m not buying any of it. This plane of existence is as real as it gets, for this plane of existence. Birth and death are our entry and exit points. (Birth includes seed germination.)

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          1. One thing I appreciate about science here, is none of these physicists got the answer they wanted. It’s just how it is. You can “feel” however you want but that doesn’t change the reality into a comfortable deception.
            If this unreal existence is as real as it gets, what does that tell you about reality?


            1. You missed the “on this plane of existence,” or at least how I intended it. We don’t know what reality is — reality exists on a whole different plane that generally speaking we cannot access from here, though there is talk recent experiments in microdosing psychedelic drugs can open doors previously thought closed. (Which I already knew about. But that is not important.)
              While we are here we have to treat this dimension as reality. We must live our lives here, and nowhere else. To do otherwise is to make a joke of life. Science on the level you are discussing does nothing to help us live, another side track, similar though opposite to religion.
              Did I tell you about the guy that wanted to know where life came from? That is a question almost as ridiculous as asking where God came from! God came from human minds. Life just is. It did not have to come from anywhere.

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    1. Lol. Well I get that. 3 physicists won the Nobel prize for 2022 discovering this using an old formula.

      Real,” which indicates that objects have defined attributes independent of observation. Weird

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      1. 3 physicists won the Nobel prize for 2022

        Well, goody … goody for them! And one can be assured that their discovery will change my life from this day forward. (Just a bit of sarcasm to liven things up! 😈)

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            1. Nothing is actually made of anything. The pieces down at the quantum level are not made of anything, which is quite surprising. They thought they would find the particles that make up the dirt but there isn’t any.


            2. So there is no dirt? Or, no there is dirt but not the stuff that makes it.

              I’m about to jump off the non-existent merry-go-round. But I still mean no ill intent.

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            3. Oh I know that!
              If we analyze the light particles of a movie projector we find the same thing as we do with a “real” atom. Nothing. Thanks for playing Z.

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        1. If a tree falls and nobody is there it does not make a sound. Sound is a relationship to ears. It might make a vibrations though.
          To address your prior comment, all there is is experience. The physical world is not what it appears to be and is form from nothing. No thing.


          1. Who is experiencing?
            Sound is vibration, but animals hear the vibration as sound, so of course the tree makes sound, even if there are no human ears to hear it. The real question is, why is the tree falling?
            The physical world is what it appears to be, to beings on/in the physical world. But the physical world is not all there is. Many things.


            1. This is the difference between evidence and feelings.
              Of course animals are part of the biome. If no form of consciousness is present there is no forms. You’re dreaming, being dreamed, and the evidence points toward this fact the physical world as we perceive it is not the kind of real as we believe.
              Why do you suppose as a general premise, that everything needs to be believed or unbelieved? Why is it everything can be explained ad naseum yet never fully discovered?


            2. My cats talk to me: with words, facial expressions, body language, and actions. Yet everyone tells me they have little in the way of intelligence. My experience tells me cats are highly intelligent. I need no explanations.

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