Noah’s Ark

Believers are prone to deceivers

There are believers that believe so much they will fabricate evidence to support their belief. Ron Wyatt is such an “archeologist”

“A team of evangelical Christian explorers claim they’ve found the remains of Noah’s ark”—National Geographic

The expedition team [Noahs Ark Ministries International] is “99.9 percent” sure they found the ark. Others, well, aren’t.

I don’t know of any expedition that ever went looking for the ark and didn’t find it,” said Paul Zimansky, an archaeologist specializing in the Middle East at Stony Brook University, New York State.

Could it be possible though, that whoever built the pyramids could have also built an ark?


There is so much we don’t know, but if the pyramids were built by humans, an ark isn’t that far fetched.

Painting–Edward Hicks

Ron Wyatt, the Indiana Jones of Christian archeology also found chariot wheels and horse bones in the Red Sea. He is an amazing archeologist!


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17 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark”

  1. Sigh… I really don’t know how to respond to people like that. I suppose what really started this nonsense was von Daniken and his Chariots of the Gods nonsense. People were misinterpreting information and creating outright frauds for thousands of years, of course, but he was the one who really popularized that kind of thing and it made him millions. What’s really annoying about this kind of thing is how the media latches onto it so eagerly and spreads it all over the place even though they know better.

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    1. The video got confiscated by the authorities and he was jailed for a short time—the conspiracy to hide the remains feeds the Christianity’s self appointed oppression.

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      1. We had one fellow who claimed he found a giant crystal pyramid on the ocean floor in the Bahamas. I can’t remember his name now but he was one of those self proclaimed Bermuda Triangle “experts” at the time. Had photos and everything. Only the photos mysteriously disappeared in the mail when he sent them to us and the negatives (this was back in the days of film) seemed to have vanished as well. So I told him to just send us the latitude and longitude coordinates. He refused with the claim that it would be unsafe for anyone except trained divers to go there. That’s okay, I said, one of my best friends is a certified salvage diver he was working out of Florida at the time and he and his team have all the necessary equipment and training. That was the last we heard of him. The evidence always has this habit of mysteriously disappearing or being confiscated by “the authorities” somehow.

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    1. I wonder how many of the animals you could fit on a modern cruise ship. “Wonder of the Seas”, our largest cruise ship, holds 7000 passengers, but I wonder how many it could hold if we exceeded regulation?


      1. heh. Don’t forget the food for 40 days too 🙂

        I guess it would depend how deep you could stack them. I also found this “The most simple way to determine the max safe load your boat can carry is to measure the volume of the immersed portion of the hull, in cubic feet, at the designed max waterline. Multiply that volume by 63 for fresh water or 64 for seawater and deduct the deadweight of the boat.”

        of course I have no real idea on how to calculate that volume.

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  2. I’m betting there were no polar bears or penguins on the ark. And a lot of other animals and birds not known to the citizens of the Middle East. But I guess that’s okay, because the flood waters would have become ice floes in 40 days…

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    1. The most accurate estimates of the total number of species on Earth includes 6.5 million species, found on land. Totally possible for a man and three boys to gather them all the repurpose them on their respective continents. 😉

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  3. It’s quite the tale. I find it odd that in some/ many depictions of the animals boarding the vessel in pairs , they are the same sex. A couple of things wrong here, don’t you think? Cheers and don’t forget the grog. GROG.

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  4. There is a very respected, math oriented guy, at Pandas Thumb. (Mike E. if my memory hasn’t failed me.) According to his calculations, if the flood myth was true, everything would have been incinerated during the so called flood. Why? Because the amount of water needed to invoke a flood that would have left no land anywhere, the very rain required would have created so much friction, the air would have super heated to the point that nothing, not even the fairy tale boat would have survived.

    The story is so full of other holes you can drive a Pluto sized planet* through them.

    As Grog mentioned, when it’s all magic, and you can believe that, you can believe anything. Even a stupid ark tale.

    * I don’t want to hear it! 😉

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