Truth About Prayer

Prayer is the useless chatter that breeds discontent and promotes the inception of resolution

Prayer is you talking to god. But if god knows everything why are you the one doing the talking? They got us praying to keep us from meditating. Everything you need to know is already inside you, but you can’t listen when you are talking. Christianity’s incessant babble is a road block, not a solution.

Prayer is pretending god doesn’t really know everything and admitting that you have a deficit, which means you don’t know everything—yet ramble on because we’ve been taught it is the solution.

Real prayer would be shutting your eyes and shutting your mouth (even the ramblings in your head) then letting your pimative self have a chance to listen. Prayer is hopeless chatter over the inner self which already knows what to do, but you keep talking over it.

The strength of a person is measured by how much truth they can tolerate—or more precisely, to what extent it needs to be diluted, disguised, or sweetened.

Prayer keeps the enslaved dependent on an outside source when the real source has always been you.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

22 thoughts on “Truth About Prayer”

  1. This is the most profound remark of your entire post: you can’t listen when you are talking! Those who pray seem to think their benefactor doesn’t already know what they want … even when that’s what they’re told in their holy book (Ephesians 3:20). So they continue to “talk,” asking the same things over and over and over … and thus never “hearing” the answer.

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    1. Thanks Pat. Happy new year to you too.
      Would be nice if people would at least just try something different for the new year. Obviously a lot of prayer and its codependency has been an epic failure.

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  2. I”ve often told Christians that talking to God is actually talking to their inner being, but they will have none of it.
    When i have a problem, i sit in silence and let my being figure it out. It usually does, but then I only do this for problems with solutions under my control. If I need “outside” help I ask for it –from someone who really exists.
    Good post, Jim.

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  3. Ok getting a lot of praise for this post..yea, it’s true…but if in prayer, you come together with people of similar faith…then THAT is the point. With nothing in common, we’ll butcher each other. This, I have to realize during my own meditations. (And reading Hurari). So should one join a church to simplify socialize? Depends upon how lonely you are…

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    1. I suppose in evolutionary models this grouping together has a point—so instead of butchering each other we can do it on a larger scale—together in the name of our favorite belief.
      Good point George, but only the tip of the iceberg

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      1. Yes, that’s it exactly. We form tribes based upon our common beliefs, and if you’re not in my tribe, not only can I get rid of you, I consider you dangerous. Humans only have the capacity to care about maybe 150 people, tops. After that, the rest of the 7.9 billion can rot or starve.

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  4. Last month I petioned the great spirit god “Toro” for deliverance from the bondage of snow drifts left by the hellish heat waves that had engulfed the greater part of North America with a few impassioned chants of “Oh God. Please start!”

    And lo and dehold — it worked.! My snowblower sprang to life on the very first pull.

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    1. snow drifts left by the hellish heat waves that had engulfed the greater part of North America ”. Well said Ron. This weather we’re having reminds me of the weather 30 years ago.


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