Religious Reality vs Reality’s Reality

Getting glimpses outside of our normal perceptions

Everything we cannot perceive with our senses is not spiritual. It is simply what has been concealed from our field of view, as evolution has adapted species in the most direct way—for fitness and reproduction.

Getting a view outside our ordinary perceptions show there is much more to be seen, but also exposes the inadequacy of gods perfect creation.

Many times these glimpses turn into religions. Yet the omnipotence of the universe is unaware of its creative power, or even if it is doing it. It is the only one with nothing outside itself to compare to.

It by chance there were an omnipotent awareness called god, it would laugh itself silly if it knew that it was an object of worship. Who me?? ROTFLMAO


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

28 thoughts on “Religious Reality vs Reality’s Reality”

          1. Excellent so far,although frakking Eskom and their damn load shedding is playing havoc with business.
            It’s forced us to develop a new mindset and strategy.
            So uch is life.

            Part of my New Year Resolutions was to try to avoid Kenyans, Australians and Texans.
            Seems I am having no luck in this regard.
            Happy New Year to you, Mak.

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    1. I will try to give you my definition of spirituality, from an atheistic (not believing in gods) viewpoint: Concerning any life that takes place aside or outside from the four dimendional (length, breadth, height, and time) physical world which we as living beings inhabit in our present state of being.
      Unfortunately this can include religious concepts of gods or ghosts for those who choose to believe in them, but is much greater in scope than any religious or ghostly belief could ever be.
      That is about as simple as I can put it.

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      1. I guess the only difference between your definition and mine is to me it is a puzzle that doesn’t mean anything. Spirituality implies it actually means something, which is in error.

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          1. So you peek through the cracks of evolution and see there is more to the world than we normally see. If we always saw all of that we’d go extinct and ignore fitness.
            If you’ve noticed, those that stay in that meditative state for too long are useless and will die.


            1. Yes, but too much of reality isn’t good for fitness as the models have shown.
              These people that fast for forty days require another to help rehabilitation.


            2. You have forgotten my history, Jim. I didn’t peek, I experienced. And I spend no time in meditative states. I think I am relevent, and plan to stay that way until I die.
              Meanwhile, everyone dies. Meditators or not.

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            3. I believe your experience was profound enough to not feel the need to start a religion. Getting a glimpse is different than your experience.


            4. Religion is a harsh, indeterminate word. But I do wish everyone could experience what I did for themselves. And maybe with microdosing, the adventurous can.
              Still, religion is just an offshoot of spirituality — very off!

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        1. I am well sir, thank you. Done with winter—I have 3 feet of snow on the roof and was on the tractor all day yesterday moving snow. No where left to put it.


          1. Wow. I guess what’s bad for you though, is probably good for those downstream.

            Good thing you built the place to take 3′ of snow! I assume there are mountain standards?


            1. I have no worries about collapsing. In my area it is one of the last places that don’t require permits and engineering but I had both. There have been some buildings go down in the area.
              It snowed 4 feet and then rained lightly for 2-3 days. It’s heavy.


  1. Shortly after I left “that” religion, I delved a bit in what is termed “spirituality.” To me, it was mostly about connecting with who you are at your core. Not the person you show to the world, but the “real you.” Naturally, meditation was a part of this venture … and although I haven’t done any for several years, I did feel it had a certain appeal.

    P.S. To avoid any misunderstandings, that “omnipotent awareness” you mention was not part of my “introspection.”

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    1. I have investigated the path of least contradictions and some scientific theories. I have some emotional experiences (like the pale blue dot) and some realizations of the similarities between modern physics and eastern philosophy, as well as the common threads of shamanism, but nothing to me is spiritual. There are simply things at play outside our rudimentary senses that evolution has ignored without purpose, to achieve fitness and reproduction. A tweak in the physiology would change everything and leave out others.

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