Rule of Engagement—Everything is Pre-Approved

Pretending we’re not pretending

We’ve created a world and it’s going terribly wrong according to plan. Life forms of all kind prey upon each other in both offense and defense. None of the pieces know why they seem to exist, but think it is a most important endeavor none the less, everything that happens is pre approved.

Each piece plays its desired role even if it doesn’t want to. Even refusing to play serves a certain role. .

As they imagine knowledge and construct societies, intelligence will gradually realize the elements in the game are not as real as they thought they were, then not real at all. Regardless they still feel compelled to play, even if it’s so others can.

By manipulating the data they are imagined of, they create hacks in the game—and using synthetic add-ons, destroy or alter the game-board bit by bit—all the while attempting to protect and nurture life and comfort. Virtue signaling will be expressed as “caring”, about the planet, but few will actually act on that virtue.

In the end we will grow tired and end it for them (if they wont end it themselves) roll it up and put it away. One became all, then all will become one, or none. Everything that appears to have happened will never even be a thought—like an unremembered dream.

Key pieces in the game will possess buttons that can end the game at any time. It is of dire consequence to press the button and as equally as disastrous if they don’t.

The most important ritual of all will be “the aha moment”, where certain members (occasionally entire generations) will think they have solved the quandary of existence, only to find that such awakening will stunt societies even further. Feeling right will trump survival and the most virtuous will cause the most pain and suffering on behalf of its own population.

Many will profess to find a way out—a way to cheat anxiety and own an eventual state of bliss. This total bliss will give way to the monotony of boredom. The game must go on, mustn’t it?

It will go on but you won’t. Unless you redefine what you are, providing you think you already know what that is.


Author: jimoeba

Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas

24 thoughts on “Rule of Engagement—Everything is Pre-Approved”

  1. Nothing is written in stone, Jim, or you wouldn’t be writing this post. But that does not mean humanity can survive its own stupidity, no matter how intelligent we believe ourselves to be. But life will go on, hopefully, whether we are here or not. If humanity does not rise above itself, which is still possible even today, then we do not deserve to to exist anymore. Another evolutionary dead end! That choice is ours. But we cannot wait much longer to choose.

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          1. Yea excuse me. The institutions were created to honor them in a way they would despise. Just look at the Hebrew religions in general.


            1. That’s the funny thing about it. Even Hinduism and Buddhism basic doctrines would shun the idea of institutionalizing it, yet here we are.

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            2. He probably picked Hebrew religions to denote Jesus (great man) wouldn’t like what Christianity has turned him into in response to Mak’s comment (also Mohammed or Hebrew prophets or whatever for the other groups).

              Another reason is Abrahamic Religion/Hebrew Religion/Religion with a capital R functions as a kind of boogeyman for many nonbelievers. They usually are projecting whatever form of Christianity (usually fundamentalist, although not always) they left and assuming this is more or less true of some broader category.


      1. Yes, we can raise our consciuanesses in a particular direction, but it would take buy-in from a group who would then become role-models for the species.
        But buy-in would have a huge price, for it would cost the end of the nuclear family as it has been since time immemorial.
        The North Americans pre-European contact used a method called community child-raising. This “model” can work for all humanity, if we are willing to try.


  2. I don’t want to play. I try to remove myself from the game. But along comes somebody to hit me, injure me, steal from me or cheat me. Whoops. Gotta play defense! I’m back in the game. They drive me to evil, I’m telling you. Existing means no one leaves you alone, and everyone wants something from you. I’m forced to get up and interact in a manner which goes against my nature.

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  3. I’m struggling to find the main point of the post. Life is life. The meaning we supply individually as we live. Who care “why we exist”? We exist. We have life, breath and movement. And a few short years to live the “Gift”, whether we believe it was “given” or we just “receive” it. As all creatures and living things, we do the best we can while we’re here. I’m a Christian, though not a calvinist/determinist so I don’t believe “everything that happens is preapproved” as you said. I don’t believe in a God that “approves” of a lot of what happens between us humans as we interact with each other. I think He “approves” when we do good, love each other and are kind to our fellow man (generic term used for humanity). Life is chaotic, I will agree. But it’s what we’ve got, by Fiat, Gift or just happenstance… depending on tour belief. Why not embrace it rather than complain? Live… that’s why you exist. -barabbas.

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  4. “Feeling right will trump survival and the most virtuous will cause the most pain and suffering on behalf of its own population.”

    Great quote! I am extremely suspicious of people or groups who declare themselves to have the One Truth to Rule Them All and have a My way or the Highway attitude or black and white thinking on topics without any room for nuance or complexity.

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