Wellpinit, Neah Bay

I spent the weekend at the Spokane Arena watching a dozen basketball games.

It is well established here that the private schools in the US suck the the best athletic talent from the public school system. Wellpinit and Neah Bay’s state championships last night was Rezball taking on Goliaths, with the boys beating a 9 time state champion Christian school at the actual game. 12 Native American kids from the Rez, beating a rigged system with the actual game of basketball, playing kids from their own little community to topple a dynasty.

IMO, the best win in WIAA history! Hoosiers step aside —I hope someone makes a movie out of this This is what happens when the “underprivileged” decide to saddle-up and become great.

Wellpinit Redskins. 25-0 undefeated season boys state champions.

Neah Bay Red Devils. 22-1 Girls state champions.

Two Native American teams from nowhere-land did it with Incredible tenacity! It was a privilege to watch you both play.


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14 thoughts on “Wellpinit, Neah Bay”

      1. I hear you! Oh and I hope you don’t mind that I reposted this on my blog, just too good not to! And like I said over there – Bonus Points for posting it on the feast day of the Sun god (take your pick of which one, lol).

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        1. Btw, this was both teams first state title ever, both beating powerhouse programs. I don’t know the depth of Neah Bays story. They are 8 hours from us. The cheer section played tribal drums and had traditional Native American singing it the rooting section. They beat us at our own game. It was really something

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          1. Very nice! The closest I’ve come to this was in High School, when our Class D cross-country team won States. It was a freak thing, one year that all the stars aligned. The local paper even wrote and article before the race that we were “not a factor”, which became our calling cry.
            It’s a great thing when the underdogs rise up!

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            1. The Neah Bay girls were behind most of the game. It was just thrilling to watch them fight that and pull ahead near the end.
              Yours is a great story! Not a factor! That was the ammo they needed to do more than they thought possible.


    1. We attended the entire tournament at this side of the state. Wellpinit is next door to us about 40 min away. Neah Bay came in an 8-1/2 hour bus ride. They are as far away as you can be and still be in the state. It was really satisfying and about the best thing I’ve seen in years. The tenacity and determination of these kids was truly inspiring.

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