Accidental Amoebas and Neti Pots

The popular nasal flushing Neti Pot, also seems to be a nesting pot for the Amoeba. Homemade nasal flush with non medical grade saline or tap water can be breeding ground for the amoeba, and nasal irrigation is a quick pathway to the brain. Amoebas and brains do not mix well, causing slow miserable death to the victim, and eventual death to the amoeba.

Another popular toy that has devastating effect on the human mind is religion. What may seem harmless, or even recreational, claims to solve life’s problems, but in reality only creates more problems. Hey, why limit yourself to an amoeba, when you can prolong your misery with religion?

Or, you can have both. Then you can try out the efficacy of prayer and see if that will kill the amoebas. Make it quick though, it’s hard to pray through a feeding tube. Be skeptical of what goes into your mind. Religion poisons human potential.