Noah’s Ark

Believers are prone to deceivers

There are believers that believe so much they will fabricate evidence to support their belief. Ron Wyatt is such an “archeologist”

“A team of evangelical Christian explorers claim they’ve found the remains of Noah’s ark”—National Geographic

The expedition team [Noahs Ark Ministries International] is “99.9 percent” sure they found the ark. Others, well, aren’t.

I don’t know of any expedition that ever went looking for the ark and didn’t find it,” said Paul Zimansky, an archaeologist specializing in the Middle East at Stony Brook University, New York State.

Could it be possible though, that whoever built the pyramids could have also built an ark?


There is so much we don’t know, but if the pyramids were built by humans, an ark isn’t that far fetched.

Painting–Edward Hicks

Ron Wyatt, the Indiana Jones of Christian archeology also found chariot wheels and horse bones in the Red Sea. He is an amazing archeologist!


Where is God—A modern Invention

Interesting how god is absent in ancient cave art

Of all of the most important things one would scribble on a wall, seems like god would be one of them.

32,000 years ago an artist lived in what is now modern France. Not some pre-enlightened hominid, (for by their works you shall know them) but a talent renown.

200 such paintings in the Chauvet cave alone. Recently discovered caves in various parts depicting hominid and wildlife motifs also show the hand of an accomplished artist. They also show that life may have been very different than we imagine—and the hands of the artists too.

Scenes depicting more modern and also extinct animals, human hands, landscapes, mermaids, sailing ships, but the most important thing (one would think) is gods. Where are the priests and deities in these 20-30,000 year old efforts? Funny how we label the ancients as “primitive” but quite possibly the ideas of god are strictly a modern invention we project in reverse, presupposing because our brains have been ruined by the idea.