Higher Levels of Consciousness

Are these higher, or actually lower levels of consciousness?

Among the new and old age spiritualities are catchy terms; “reaching a higher level of consciousness, spiritual energy, cosmic consciousness, awakening”,etc. As usual our forward thinking brains assume this is a step up, but like ALL human tendencies to underestimate the obvious through belief, we have it completely backwards.

We are already at our highest level of consciousness. Clearing the mind of all that we think, would be regressive, not progressive. Imagine trying to feed the world when everyone behaves enlightened? The great ones were completely useless in this state of mind.

These idle states of mind may sound cool, but it is where we came from, not where we are going—and the more one anchors into the past the less likely we are to have a breakthrough of any kind.

Imagine a 40 day trance and consequent fast? It requires the unenlightened to nurse them back to health. There is a reason evolution has hidden the unseen strata from our eyes—it offers zero chance at survival.

But, society will keep reaching into our darkest days of struggle and evolution, thinking all the while it is enlightenment, when in truth you already have it. Everything is exactly as it could be. And if we all achieved that awakened state, nobody would know it nor live to tell about it.

Can you be more than what you are, or can you capture the past before we became aware of being aware? If we were all in that state we’d never know it. That was our Eden, where everything was perfect because there was nothing to compare it to.


More Than Atheism

How atheism is merely a point of awakening, not a final destination.

Is atheism the last station on the track? Of course, upon clearing your head from Abrahamic ownership of the cosmos, it may seem that-day to be a great awakening moment—there is much more to the story than that restricted system allows.

True, there are no gods, but is there nothing else at all? In the tradition of enlightenment we see the value of unbelief, then little by little the source reveals itself from within, that the universe is a complex living way, a happening where we live without belief, but in practice as a singularity.

As anthropology and archaeology sever the 6000 year shoehorning of human history, we find this happening has been going on much longer in a highly developed fashion of ebbs and flows, than the Yahweh story will allow.

Abrahamic religion can no longer hold back the tides of knowledge. Information and collaboration is happening around the world, fostering new discovery of what we can be, who mankind actually is, and ushering in a new, beautiful awakening of the human spirit. Once held divided for centuries by the insistence of one god, that ultimate idol which has distracted us from our true greatness through submission, to the prepackaged, poorly interpreted cultural bias of the awakening experience.

Atheism is simply unbelief in gods, but that may not be the whole story—It is what indigenous and others skilled in the meditative arts have known for a long time, but who in this system has time for that? Carefully guided through life settling for half truth and contradiction, it’s no wonder we’ve gone nowhere.