Religious Graduation

Where is my visitation of the spirit?

By now, if Christianity were authentic it would have a formula that would fulfill its premises and work for everyone who honestly applied the minimal effort—it doesn’t—except for the chosen ones. (Romans 8:29–30)

And if you put forth the effort and get no response, one should be free to go. Should not the churches at least be honest about this?

Christianity, which in fact resists knowing, is to pretend a carefully crafted teaspoon of belief is the full measure. When those “chosen” to believe do so with no free will of there own and with no merit at all, while the rest of us struggle on, hoping we’re on the in-crowd. This is silly, yet the chosen continue to preach like it matters—like they can save us.

If you follow the precepts of Christianity and nothing happens, it is your fault. Ie; there is underlying sin, spiritual immaturity, or the “gods will” clause. But God has no will ‘cept your own. You can do nothing to merit salvation. He has already decided who’s in and who’s out, before you were even born. That is a real head-trip for those with the “correct” neurons, so what about the rest of us? Why make the effort again and again when the Bible clearly says it is futile—except where it isn’t. Which side of the contradiction is the correct side?

Any proper school has the tools and methods to prepare its students for a minimum level of competence—for graduation. Anything else is a hobby. Certainly some different lines of thought are interesting and sometimes comforting to explore, but let’s be honest; maybe beliefs should be identified as what they are—likes and preferences.

Triangulating Your Position

How understanding a variety of beliefs will strengthen your character.

Spending a considerable amount of time cross-country in the backcountry, it was inevitable at some point I would get lost. Tis why I carry a handy topo map and compass.

If you are familiar with maps and finding your bearings, it takes three points of reference and a preferably a compass to triangulate your position.

Using GPS it takes three measurements from the satellites to your receiver to identify where you are located—a fourth measure can pin it down to a foot or two.

The point where all three circles intersect is your position.

Religion is no different and having only one point of reference, you are in fact, lost—

Having two points of reference can get you in the ballpark (near the warning track) while having three points you’ll know exactly where you stand. It is in fact a necessity it every point of reason. Another option—stick with any one belief point on the globe which is always seems like the center, but is nowhere at the same time—like being born into the only thing you know.

Culture can be illustrated in the same way. When the untraveled declare their home to be the best place on earth, it is obvious to the well traveled it isn’t. Being exposed to multiple facets of humanity one starts to realize his own insignificance when that point of reference is unheard of to the rest of the world—and they are just fine not knowing you or your beliefs even exist.

Without another point of reference there is no way whatsoever to know where you are, while at the same time KNOW, that your religion is the right one. Sincerely Yours, The Faith Trap

The less one knows the more sure one can be of his position.

From Practices to Beliefs—The Fatal Shift

How long ago the idea of belief supplanted utility.

The hebetude of religious belief, even the fervor becomes pure boredom as the wait sets in. With nothing to do but believe (or watch your favorite mega-preacher rake in cash) what is the mind to do—practice your tongues?

Years ago religion was a practice. Indigenous ritual and practical application accompanied the shaman as a person of utility, knowledge, and healing arts that surpassed the European physicians of the time. The ritual produced something—a far cry from today’s phony sacraments and preachers who merely pile on more robes, pomp, and pop music to cover the inadequacy of the Christian theme. It has to grow more and more unattainable as the subject matures in faith (lest his integrity outwit his belief) restricting the believer to endless need, never passing initiation phase.

The distance shit falls is equal-to, or less-than the potential splash-back”

Applying yourself into The-Way© meets with more of the same mind—deeper, spoon-bending, concentrated belief, unashamed of the gospel through conditioning, isolation, and surrounding yourself with other “we” believers, ready to wipe up the mess of contradiction with explaining (tissue, standing by)

A useful religion would prepare adherents for the rigors of life—to cut you loose with knowledge to take on the world with the greatest understanding, not a perpetual codependency—the believer out of need (the churches fall horribly short producing enlightenment) and the religion in need of the believers cash.

The monotheistic stall has humanity hamster-wheeling, each generation farther from the last in practical utility. Arriving at belief is less than accomplishing anything, yet the churches pretend it’s the ultimate destination.