Ordering Off Menu

Whenever we go out to eat, my wife is constantly out-ordering me. She’ll talk to the waiters and describe some incredible home-cooked meal just the way she pictures it, and more often than not they come back with some fabulous creation while I’m eating something with fries. Her food brain is like a fashion designer—nowadays I’ll just have what she’s having.

These past 2-1/2 months of house building she’s been cooking for 13 people out of the cabin—for both families and a friend, a grandson and the teenagers friends, and whoever stops by. It’s been incredible and a tremendous work load in a cabin with no dishwasher and a very basic kitchen. I don’t think we’ve eaten the same thing twice, and all top notch meals. Thank you.

Religion has no “off the menu” ordering, but it does. I’ll explain. I recently saw a show where this guy and his fiancé are looking for a church. Each week they go somewhere different, check the facilities and get a quick sales pitch explanation about the belief and direction of the church from the pastor. It is semi amusing sickening, but then the couple decides if this is a place and belief they agree with. Then they move on. Trying to find a Christian church that already aligns with what you want to believe is a painstaking process. The lighting, music, and decor must be just right. They will never find what they want, so they’ll either settle for close, or hey, start their own church! What better way to find what you already believe?

After the breakup of AT&T, thousands of smaller telecoms popped up all over the country. New companies emerged with their own way of doing things. The religious monopolies have already collapsed. Each is doing its own thing and is disconnected from the source (if there ever was one) and each church is going the way of the pastor. 45,000 denominations, personalized service, but it’s no longer Christianity—any more that Inland Telephone is AT&T. Everyone is off the menu, they just can’t admit it.

“The key to solving the mysteries of god is unbelief ” whatever you hear in religion, look for the opposite to be true. Very simple observations prove this time and again.