Comments of the Week

A few great comments from the last week.

If you need faith to believe it, then “it” doesn’t exist except either in your own imagination (“I want it to be this way”) or in the sales pitch of those whose job it is to suck in the unwary. Sha’Tara

The damage of religious self-disempowerment, whether imposed or choosen, creates a ripple-effect of contradictions and intellectual dissonance. Professor Taboo

Your first two paragraphs are almost a scarily accurate description of what happened to me. At one point in my life I managed to convince myself that my doubts and fears were my problem, not the church’s. I was doubting because there was something wrong with me, not with the religion. I pushed deeper into the faith, GrouchyFarmer

incomprehensible, unimaginable, and beyond human comprehension… Until being personal, engaged, and a handy tinkerer with the genome is required. john zande

And lastly, Jonathan had a take on a Thomas Aquinas quote that was pretty good. God is incomprehensible, at least how many theist use it seems to me to be a convenient excuse when carrying out an inquiry on the existence of god

It is like me claiming to have a unicorn and upon inquiry I say it is unseeable

Thus we are unable to apprehend it by knowing what it is. Yet we are able to have some knowledge of it by knowing what it is not.

I think this statement is nonsensical , reason being that, the first statement is saying that we can’t know what god is, then the second says that we can know what god is not.

If Aquinas did not know what god is:

How did he know that god is the creator

How did he know that god is good

How did he know that god is not evil

How did he know that it is god not gods

How did he know what god is not

You can’t claim to know what A is not, if you don’t know what A is Jonathan

House is painted

Upstairs drywall hung

Kids are loving the big basement walls. Hope to be done hanging the downstairs sheetrock this weekend.