Utility of Jesus

Jesus has been used to subjugate cultures

“We’re fighting ignorance in the place where there should be the most enlightenment”—Ernest Chambers

“We’re not going to suffer patiently anymore—no more turning the other cheek. No more blessing our enemies. No more praying for those who despitefully use us”.

“We’ve learned the lessons you’ve taught us. We’ve studied your history, and you did not take over this country by being Christlike. You did not gain control of the world like you have it now, by dealing fairly with and by keeping your word. You’re treaty breakers. You’re liars. You’re thieves. You rape entire continents and races of people, then you wonder why these very people don’t have any confidence or trust in you.”

“Your religion means nothing. Your law is a farce and we see it every day you demonstrate it in Alabama. And I can say you, because you’re part of the whole system—you profit from it, stand up in your pulpits on Sunday and preach nice little songs and say, now we’re going to give thanks to the lord for he is good and oh Jesus be among us. As far as we’re concerned your Jesus is contaminated just like everything else you tried to force upon us is contaminated, so you can have him”—Ernest Chanbers

But alas, Jesus was used to subjugate the gullible, the pure, the trusting, and the hopeful.

A Time For Burning”—1966