Post Apocalyptic Modern Man

Is this the greatest civilization of all time?

The greatest civilization in human history is Christian Western Civilization. Western Civilization is proof Christianity’s greatness as a religion and its benefit to mankind.”—SOM. Say what??

These are mere assertions — not evidence-based facts”—Ron

Native America has been judged on its post apocalyptic nature. Bands of tribes surviving as primitive hunter gatherers and warring factions. But their ancestors did this—

And this—

estimated that prior to European contact, the Western Hemisphere supported between 90 and 112 million people. To put this already large figure into clearer perspective, the Americas’ population in the late 1400s surpassed that of Europe in the same period.LINK

At the Incan civilization’s height in the 1400s, the system of terraces covered about a million hectares (2.4 million acres) throughout Peru and fed the vast empire.

“Near the Brazilian border of north-central Bolivia, there are some 30,000 square miles of raised forested islands in a grassy floodplain. Scientists speculate an extensive human-constructed landscape optimized for managing local fisheries and the distribution of vegetation”.

It is more likely that we are still in a post apocalyptic era. Considering the ancient lost technologies and the civilizations and structures the ancestors were able to build, we are still in a rebuilding phase, albeit a quirky and destructive one.

Scientific evidence is leaning away from the old notion of the Amazon as a natural garden, but evidence suggests that nearly the entire thing was a managed farming industry supporting millions of people that once thrived, then decimated by western disease. Turns out SOM’s greatest civilization in the history of the world, is also diseased and dirty—and most murderous in history.

Do we behave like a settled society today, or more like a post-apocalyptic mess of divided people? This is not rhetorical…

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do”. Not much of this happening today, yet we are the civilizations of all time? SOM doesn’t even believe his own Bible.


Is Eating Meat an Ethical Question?

How eating vegetables is less ethical than eating meat.

How eating meat is currently more ethical than eating vegetables.

No question meat eating has been the way of humans for thousands of years, but is it time to stop eating meat because vegetables are a more humane and ethical consideration?

We’ve all seen video of slaughter houses and the “inhumane” processes that raise everything from eggs to thanksgiving turkeys, but do you know where your vegetables come from? People of color. Migrant farm workers—working full speed everyday in grueling conditions to meet quotas.

Here in the US it’s the Latin American migrant worker, in South Africa (pick any first world country) it’s the Zimbabwean (mostly) selected particularly because he doesn’t know the law, or his or her legal rights. The are routinely abused and grossly underpaid.

Now, because of the sheer volume of people we turn to farm raised everything, and because of the farm raising of everything we can support more people. This will eventually have to tap out, but for now breeding livestock is not nearly as concerning as breeding people. But the two are inseparably linked.

For grain growers only, Americans farm about 61.8million acres of the 2.4 billion acres of land mass. Again, machines do most of the planting and harvesting. 80% of South Africa’s farmland is grazing cattle. Hardly a fair comparison to the slave labor farm owners extract from the vulnerable. At least the cow gets a breath of decency before he dies—not so much for the farm worker.

Fruit and vegetable workers and their advocates tell a story of vulnerable, low-wage employment operating in fear without proper protections. Let alone information about the risks involved in their essential labor, and without hope of any share in expanded unemployment benefits should they fall ill or lose work. Impossibly long hours and bull pizzle for wages, eating meat causes less suffering than eating greens.

From South Africa we read the line, “WHITE AGRICULTURE AND BLACK LABOUR”—from the book, “We Cry For Our Land”. At a $200 (USD) a month, while in the USA it’s easily replaced with “WHITE AGRICULTURE AND BROWN LABOUR”. How many white people have you seen in the orchards or lettuce fields?

So really, eating fruits and vegetables is supporting oppression. A much more personal and grievous, generational situation than eating a cow or a rabbit.