Gravitational Lensing and the Wake of Religion

Once again Albert Einstein has been proven right, and using gravitational lensing in distant galaxies, modern astronomers have seen the bending of space-time (which bending causes the force of gravity) confirming the theory of General Relativity. Using powerful telescopes, essentially viewing through the wake of the moving system, distortion is created in distant stars beyond the wake, appearing momentarily to have moved to another location due to the bending of light through gravitational waves. Really quite fascinating that after 100 years technology finally caught up to be able to accurately test the theory. By and by more apologetic objections will fall by the wayside—their gravity analogy is no longer valid, but as with belief systems of narrowly confined learning, it may take another hundred years for the word to reach Christian circles.

Looking beyond the wake of religion also has a distortion rarely seen by believers, but obvious to the causal observer. Words viewed through the wake appear as moving goal posts in a fog of apologetic banter, swirling and circling distortions claiming god is good, when in fact god is absent. Claiming god is love, but the love you seek is yours already to give. If you are waiting for gods love to make the world right, you’ll be dead and buried before you’ll see it. Perhaps our next generation of youngsters will stop waiting and start doing.