ChatGPT—AI Haiku and Blog Post

I requested a couple of things from ChatGPT. Here are the unedited answers

Me—Write a haiku in king James English about atheist intellect.

ChatGPT—Wise in their reasoning, Atheist minds do ponder deep, Truth they do uncover.

Me—300 word blog post on the best arguments for atheism

Chat GPT—Atheism is the belief that there is no god or gods. While atheism has been around for thousands of years, it has become more widely discussed and debated in recent times. Here are some of the best arguments for atheism:

  1. Lack of empirical evidence: One of the main arguments for atheism is the lack of empirical evidence for the existence of a deity. There has been no scientific proof that can conclusively prove the existence of a god or gods.
  2. The problem of evil: This argument states that if an all-powerful and all-loving deity exists, why does evil exist in the world? The presence of evil, suffering and natural disasters contradicts the idea of an all-powerful and all-loving deity.
  3. The argument from nonbelief: This argument states that if there was an all-powerful and all-knowing deity, it would know who would believe in it and who wouldn’t. If this deity wanted everyone to believe in it, it would make it impossible for anyone not to believe.
  4. Scientific explanations: Science has provided many explanations for phenomena that were once thought to be the work of a deity. For example, the explanation of natural disasters as a result of geological activity has diminished the need for a supernatural explanation.
  5. Multiple gods: If the existence of one deity is unprovable, it is equally unprovable that there is more than one deity. The existence of many gods would also raise questions about which deity is the correct one to worship.

These are just a few of the arguments that support atheism. While the belief in a deity is deeply personal and subjective, it is important to consider the arguments and evidence presented. Ultimately, the decision to believe in a deity or not is a personal one and should be based on an individual’s own thoughts and beliefs.

In conclusion, atheism is a valid and important perspective that challenges the existence of a deity. It is important to consider the arguments for atheism and engage in open-minded discussions about this topic.

Are these the best arguments? I think we can do a little better.


Even With Gods—Haiku Challenge

Temptations of Gods

I Write Her weekly photo challenge with Susi Bocks. Photo—Ash D Soloman—Lucid Being

#1—Sinful God

In the Gaelic wind—

God repents a wistful glance—

At earthly pleasure—

#2—The Unfolding

Impetuous acts—

Reveal true characters—

Confronted by strength—


Thunder recoils—

As the hedge-witch reposes—

Confronting spirits—

And one bonus haiku at no extra charge—


God himself travails—

Broken from his own restraint—

To glimpse wild beauty—


The image of god caste by the writers as a ‘perfect innocent’ of any wrong doing is in fact a type and shadow of the men of power. Who but the aspiring and entrenched ‘men of words’ can declare their innocence time and again from the same breath that inflicts? Who but god (the writers) can tip their hand in blood and horrors and and call it good? Even very good—Taking a stand against this entrenched deception is in fact the absolute morality the religious seek.

Bending your mind to appease a nefarious belief and honoring atrocious behavior through faith is an obvious sleight of hand played on the trusting minds of humanity.

Life Redux—Photo Interpretation

Here is this weeks haiku challenge from Susi.

Longing vibrant youth—

Nestled in my withering

Mystic instructions—

IWH Haiku Challenge#


Those bells cannot toll—

For desires and longings—

Live on forever—


Though old memories—

Have long tainted my new self—

Portrait of secrets—