Crossing Wires of Religion

Abrahamic religion is like wiring a house—only backwards with no connections

Pulling wire for a house can go a couple of ways. Drill holes. Start at the panel and pull wire through all the holes to each room so each has its own circuit, or if it’s easier, start at the room and pull it back to the panel. Usually it works out to be a little bit of both.

Next, run wire to each outlet and light, connect all the hot with hot, neutrals to neutrals, and grounds to grounds so essentially every wire in the building meets up back at the source. Even little bits and pieces have to be connected or it interrupts the entire circuit. The final step after stapling everything in place is to install each breaker with the appropriate run and wire the panel. It has to look neat and organized so the inspector can understand what you did and pick out any apparent problems or mistakes you may have made. Very good idea to have another set of eyes check your work. It can be quite mesmerizing—a little like editing your own book.

Current flows from the source to each room and appliance, but currently abrahamic religion flows backwards, searching from each outlet, straining, reaching for a source of power that does not exist but in wishing. and disconnected from reality. Each denomination has its own style trying to connect. Their wires are crossed with dead-ends, gaps, looping circuits and shorts, all the while they swear it works! But alas, not one concept would pass inspection even from a casual observer with its contradicting catch phrases, scripture, and imaginary results. Explaining all you want will change nothing if it’s wrong. I am hoping this house wiring works—but just to make sure we are connecting everything using real wire and real electricity. And, if the inspector finds a mistake, I’d be happy to know about it.