How to know if you’re racist

Does racism in ignorance make you a racist? How can you tell if you are, or aren’t?

I was complaining about getting jury duty last month and a friend of mine said, “just tell them you’re racist and you’ll get released”. I replied “hey, that comment makes you racist”. He said “ no, I’m not racist. How would that make me a racist”?

Because you’re assuming that the defendant will be a person of color”.

After hearing the Joe Rogan tapes, especially the comments about planet of the apes at the theater, he tips the scale into racist. Not an innocent, solo act of ignorance, but an N-word montage of good ol’ boy white privilege followed by his own admission the theater comment was racist.

This is the first time ever hearing Rogan outside of an MMA commentary, but I think I heard enough to see he isn’t ignorant. He’s blatant.

But he really doesn’t think he’s racist. So how do you know? Can one accurately judge their own personality?