Why Christianity Fails

The proposed atonement of Jesus has done nothing to cure anything

The liturgy of all Christian sects is meaningless. We’ve recently seen the ridiculous fallout from a misplaced baptismal prayer of a ridiculous procedure. Why do babies need baptism anyway? Do they need a remission of sins for simply being born an organism?

Blood sacrifice has done nothing to cure the worlds woes. Accepting the atonement and believing heals nothing. The blood of Jesus does not cure pedophilia nor cure alcoholism or anything else. My buddy Larry says Jesus cured him, but he’s still in recovery and always will be. This is the promise of Christianity —never arriving at anything.

Can the power of Jesus do anything but cause a well timed distraction from the trials of everyday life? If you stop believing, what will become of us? Buckle up! Unbelief is a whole new and amazing world. The trial of your faith is actually faith itself. Pretty neat trick.

The atonement of Jesus has proven an utter failure. A parlor trick. A mind game that has done nothing but stall the achievements of humanity, generation after generation, waiting for what will never come.