Ultimate in Pious Bitterosity

The ultimate quest for many in the faith is appearance. Many have someone close to them that continues to use their faith in jesus, communion, music, and tv selections as a complete cover of the real them. Filled with demons of their own, strict determination of religious discipline will insure the spawn don’t turn out as horrible as you. This has been brewing for decades, and as Latinagem was forced to square off with the problem at hand, her pen came alive as a therapeutic release. Feel the feel, if you will in five spontaneous versus. Try to see the humor if you can. All I can do is laugh any more, but hypereligiosity in parenting is a style to cover your own rotten core and fear.

Pinch Faced Lady of Mercy

Praise and Misery

Hush Little Child

Declaration of and Orphan

Ode to the Clueless

Now you know why it’s good to keep peace with Latinas!!


The Double Slit- A Practical Application

Most of you are familiar with the double slit experiment in physics where photons change their behavior and properties merely because they are being observed. It’s just barely more detailed than that, but if you’re not up to speed in armchair physics click HERE for a five minute cartoon summary. What physicists fail to realize is we’ve been watching this behavior in the theological sciences for many years with much bigger particles than quantum mechanics. In fact, entire organisms have displayed the “particle duality” phenomena. The quantum model of the universe has been masterfully hidden… Right in plain sight!

“What do you mean” you say? If you “observe” Theists they behave predictable and conform to well established patters. But alas, when alone the behavior becomes less predictable. The pattern becomes unpredictable. But a new super secret recording device has been remotely observing this phenomenon. Google has surpassed Shakira with a new number one hit “Their clicks don’t lie”. Without any prejudice they have found the highest population of religious coincide with the highest use of hetero and gay porn based on clicks per 1000 in population. Utah and Mississippi neck and neck for first place. But when they are under normal observation there in no indication that they are randomly straying off the detection screen. So (c1)<c2= p=hx2) = (piety =hypocrisy squared) And I thought they were anti porn. Hmm.

So physicists are right after all. What can be discovered in the quantum world is a predictor of what we already find in the macro world. We just had to look in plain sight. This is why they say—

Why do you always take two Mormons fishing with you? If you only take one he’ll drink all your beer.