We are Monkeys

Out of the trees and into the flats—we are still monkeys

Not only do we share the same social structures and traits like empathy, grief, and altruism, and moral codes, but we share the same muscle configuration, brain structure, rows of teeth, hair, fingerprints, and DNA. A 98.8% match. We are closer to the chimpanzee and gibbon than they are to the gorilla.

Evangelicals will accept that a tiger and a lion are related. True they are both cats, but the tiger and lion DNA is farther separated than chimp and human. Where and why do they draw the line? We are their kinfolk no doubt about it.

If tigers and lions are linked by evolution, man is as much a monkey as a tiger is a lion. We have most of their traits and share the same social structures. That is one possible reason patriarchal religion is so powerful—it’s rooted in evolution.

DNA Paternity tests use a dumb-down version of the advanced version (and even that it is admissible in court) so at what point do evangelicals draw the line with evolution?

On another note, if evangélicas can accept a paternity test as accurate, by all accounts the more advanced methods of testing should be a shoe-in. Why all the resistance? Does it spoil your adoption into the tribe of god, or does it not? Remember, your adopted in through faith. You’re more related to a monkey than to a god.

We like to think we’re more advanced than that, somehow special. But reality dictates these are our people. We are their monkeys, as evidenced also by the patriarchal order of church and government. To survive we’re going to have to transcend those limitations.


Hypnic Jerk – Admitting Atheism

How christians react to atheism is similar to the hypnic jerk found in primates.

Reactions to admitting atheism in certain circles displays age old evolutionary traits in our closest ancestors.

Hypnic Jerk is not a nickname for Christian apologists, but a sense of falling shortly after going to sleep. We’ve all had this happen after dozing off, then awake suddenly with a jerk sensation or startle. One theory is primates carry this reflex to keep them from falling out of trees. My theory is this; When the first primates became atheists, this was a reaction from other monkeys because one was not “falling” for the BS any longer. We still see it today. The mere mention of your atheism can cause the hypnic jerk, double take, raised eyebrows, blood pressure, heart rate changes, and fear.

Waking and realizing the fall was a false alarm, we drift back to sleep, which is right where they want us. Asleep to the reality that nothing they believe is reality. Asleep to the reality that nothing they teach adds up to anything credible. Asleep to the evidence that there is no evidence. Religious followers need a hypnic jerk to shake them, to wake them. Please, please, keep your hypnic jerks polished and ready to loan. If you start to fall for their nonsense, remember the evolution that got you here.

Panama Howler Monkey.