Psychosomatic Head Lice, Illusory Truth Effect…ahh, Religion

Did you feel that? I remember many years ago watching the missionaries in my home, teaching “without purse or script” ((winging it) by the spirit of god that was in them. After a prayer to invite god into the room, one missionary was quoting select scriptures and telling stories to invoke emotions. After what may or may not have been a lie, one of the missionaries interrupted “oh, did you feel that? The spirit is strong in here today”. The other missionary said, ” yeah, I feel it too”. This went on for a little while and the the investigator was asked to pray with them. She declined offering the prayer (first instinct) so the missionaries prayed. They laid it all out there in the prayer, asking for god to show his love and touch this room with his spirit, and to let the investigator know the truth of their words. Their emotions were strong, all in it, and after the prayer they convincingly, kindly, asked if she could feel it too? “Yes”, she could feel it. ” The lord has brought us to you today to share his message. Can we come back and visit with you again?” The gal was baptized two weeks later. She eventually swam out of it a couple months later after some internet research and a little help from her friends, and being away from those who “feel it too”. Turns out she didn’t feel it when the missionaries were away. “The sting” was on their shoulders like rid-away to psychosomatic head lice, illusory truth effect needed more repetitions to take root, and the psychosomatic influence wained. More repeated exposure was needed.

I worked at a new school a few years back. On of the teachers started having respiratory issues and told us all he thought there was mold in the school. Evidently this was all new for him and he needed some resolve. Air quality in schools is a fairly well monitored science here in the states, and a crew was called out and did a test. Nothing was found, and air quality exceeded the state standards. The teacher was not satisfied, and began wearing a mask to school. Within two weeks, most of the staff and students were wearing masks to school. Illness swept through the campus and the school was closed. Teams of lab rats combed the school, literally every nook, cranny, and crawl space was tested. The building air and ducting was all evacuated. Anti fungal and germicides were pumped through the system and a complete mop-up and retest gave the school another clean bill of health. News was out that everything was A-ok, school resumed and life was good again. There was nothing ever found, There was nothing ever there, but psychosomaticism.

If your head doesn’t itch before you hear about the lice, you don’t have lice.

If you feel the spirit (define that) only after others feel the spirit, you don’t have it. Nobody does, but positive emotion feels good, and for some it’s addictive and must be shared to get validation.

Because someone says it’s true, doesn’t make it true. In fact, if someone has to tell you something is real, most likely is not true.

Repeating a lie makes it true to those exposed to it. ” From the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established”.

Illusory truth effect.

In 1977 Villanova and Temple universities did a misinformation study where falsehoods were publicized, repeated, and then tested. Through repetition, students were convinced beyond rationality that certain things were true. Things that had no scientific or reason attached to them.

What if I told you that the best canoe for open water must be at least 15 feet long? I repeat the information on a semi-regular basis, then in a random survey ask a multiple choice question about canoe length and open water. The answer of 15 feet is used by the majority of those surveyed, even though it is a fantasy fact.

Feeling the spirit (positive emotion) confirming a lie, illusory truth, turning falsehoods and psychosomatic reactions into reality. Welcome to christianity in a nutshell.

—The Observers

Through luck, genetics, and circumstance of just one astute individual, test group A had became aware early in the experiment…by employing natural psychology and manipulating the foibles of human nature, exploiting group B would be a cinch. Though a simple idea, subjugation would occur on their own terms—with a willingness and endurance unseen in the history of humans.

Creating a god for all to believe while secretly excluding themselves, they would grow in power, wealth, and control while the rest of humanity stagnates in endless debate over choices that are neurotic imaginations—and easy as fear-teaching to a child. They now sit back and just laugh, having no idea at the time just how successful they would become. They would control the world for millennia, all on the choice of the enslaved, while their own pretentious facade of faith would guarantee unfettered loyalty and support.

“I would have to say the early missionaries did quite a number on the world, especially the preachers and priests who accompanied people like Marco Polo, Columbus, de Gama, Cook, Cartier, etc. They spread their lies to almost every corner of the world, and now we are paying the price—rawgod

The syndrome is so bad that prophets imposters pop up from time to time claiming new contact and information coming directly from the illusion itself. A powerful psychosomatic response we’ll be lucky to survive as a species.