Making Mockery of Gay and Lesbian Rights

How the current sexual climate is cheating humans from self discovery with more labels

For centuries shunned, persecuted, killed, slurred, and separated by the ruling classes of politics and religion, gays and lesbians clawed their way out of censorship to be able to openly love, and openly participate in society. The current gender dysphoria is making a mockery of those struggles with a pseudo-identity, self labeling of prepubescent teens and and young men and women who are the majority pretenders—bandwagoning their way in a social media experiment popularity contest.

My older daughter got in on this fad early and came out as lesbian. “Very well”, I said, “sounds like you’re finding your way”. She is now married (to a nice man) with two kids. She had no idea what she was at that age, but the allure to follow the fad was just too strong.

Most children are too early on this decision to be anything at all, but today we have it—gay, lesbian, non-binary, trans, neutral pronouns I’ve never heard of now enforced and endorsed by school districts and the law.

I took my youngest (11) to audition for a play last week and the first greet of the director was this; “so what pronoun do you prefer? She said “um, just call me by my name”. I was impressed she deferred to a more reasonable path. She hasn’t yet requested a name change, but some of her school friends change them weekly.

If you don’t want to be a girl or boy, fine, but why do you need a label at all? Can’t you just be you?

This current situation is as absurd as the Flying Spaghetti Monster getting religious exemption and acceptance. But our neofascist, inclusive, yet litigious and sensitive society is now too intimidated to call it for what it is.

Those that decry cultural misappropriation are currently the most guilty of all—making a mockery of the real struggle for equality and those that are truly oriented in a way that took centuries to liberate. Or am I missing something?


—How Old is Too Young?

How to ruin the innocent youth of a child.

My wife teaches at a supplemental home school program sponsored by the public school. Some of the kids have trouble in a regular class settings, while most are out of public school for religious reasons while dabbling in the fringe of structured education.

Monday in her science class they were covering the circulatory system, covering the basics of arteries, veins, and the heart. She showed the direction of blood flow into the atrium and the ventricles when a six your old student blurted out, “the only true blood is the blood of Jesus. I’m covered in the blood of Jesus!”

Human sacrifice is a messy game. So messy in fact, that visual would not be allowed in any PG movie in the secular rating system. It’s really not for kids.

Next week they cover the human reproductive system. Notes are already coming in to exempt certain kids from class, and guess who turned in the first letter?

Surprised? Why would a six year old need this in his memory banks? Jeezus! Once again man’s self governed morality trumps biblical influence. It always does!