Socialism vs Capitalism

What is it that would make everyone happy?

We don’t like each other enough for socialism to work.

If the purpose of life is to enjoy it, why isn’t everyone enjoying it? Some peoples purpose is to not enjoy it. They find themselves doing the stress of dislike over and over again, bitching and then doing it again. It is nearly impossible to overcome your programming.

Socialism is the best way to lower expectations of happiness and equalize doldrum. Killing creativity is the best way to make everything fair. Making everything fair is counter intuitive to evolution and the way the universe operates.

Capitalism works because it isn’t fair, while simultaneously being completely fair.

If capitalism were fair it would be socialism. Bringing in socialism is probably the best way it insure we would finally develop a better form of government.

I would rather take my chances than have you take them for me. Socialism on the coattails of capitalism is theft. For socialism to succeed it need be voluntary, and we don’t like each other enough for that.

Is the metric fairness or contentment, and for who?

Nobody has ever asked about this pencil sketch