Babel—The Missing Insight

They’re selling what you already have

What I currently like most about The Tower of Babel, God had to stop them from building the tower to heaven because they were “about to accomplish the thing that they had set out to do, and nothing could be restrained from them”. Meaning, there are other ways to salvation (liberation, enlightenment, heaven) besides Yahweh. We can’t have anyone knowing that.

They didn’t destroy Babel and confuse the language because it was a false temple, but because it was true. The evidence is right there from the words of god. And confuse the language they did. Not by changing everyone’s dialect but by introducing confusion through word play of monotheism, by restricting the power of the individual to chart his own path.

The tower was likely a center of spiritual enlightenment, a non-denominational meditative center. An intolerable thought to monotheistic ideology. “Don’t let them see they don’t need us!”

The churches provide nothing you can’t get with a campfire and a drum—or a good stretch of solitude. That’s why you must “meet together oft” to keep the charade in play.