Triangulating Your Position

How understanding a variety of beliefs will strengthen your character.

Spending a considerable amount of time cross-country in the backcountry, it was inevitable at some point I would get lost. Tis why I carry a handy topo map and compass.

If you are familiar with maps and finding your bearings, it takes three points of reference and a preferably a compass to triangulate your position.

Using GPS it takes three measurements from the satellites to your receiver to identify where you are located—a fourth measure can pin it down to a foot or two.

The point where all three circles intersect is your position.

Religion is no different and having only one point of reference, you are in fact, lost—

Having two points of reference can get you in the ballpark (near the warning track) while having three points you’ll know exactly where you stand. It is in fact a necessity it every point of reason. Another option—stick with any one belief point on the globe which is always seems like the center, but is nowhere at the same time—like being born into the only thing you know.

Culture can be illustrated in the same way. When the untraveled declare their home to be the best place on earth, it is obvious to the well traveled it isn’t. Being exposed to multiple facets of humanity one starts to realize his own insignificance when that point of reference is unheard of to the rest of the world—and they are just fine not knowing you or your beliefs even exist.

Without another point of reference there is no way whatsoever to know where you are, while at the same time KNOW, that your religion is the right one. Sincerely Yours, The Faith Trap

The less one knows the more sure one can be of his position.