Expecting Signs—A Practical Guide

How to tell if you’re an imposter, or a true messenger from god?

We were promised signs, but when we ask to see them it is “a wicked and perverse generation that seeks a sign”. But we are told signs follow them that believe, so what’s up?

When I ask for signs I am simply looking for confirmation that these people are indeed the people of God, and not impostors. Needless to say they don’t want people to know this. They’re all literally driving without a license. Should we wonder at the corruption, the subterfuges, the lies which are the real signs that accompany those who claim to believe?

When I believed I made it a condition of my faith that these signs would accompany me and manifest through me as a given. When it steadfastly did not happen I was given no choice but to quit. You can’t work a job if you are given neither the tools nor the sustenance to make it happen. The alternative is to fake it….Sha’Tara Here for full comment. It’s a gem!

Apologetics has developed special wording to cover the truth of the gospel—a gospel that is neither true nor useful must be buried in a mound of excuse. It is clothed now in pride alone.